Scorching temperatures are causing the UK to melt. In some cases, quite literally.

Tarmacs at airports have buckled and melted, causing arrival and departure delays. On July 18, I News reported “a large rectangular-shaped area on the tarmac at London Luton airport being examined by people in high-vis vests. High surface temperatures caused a small section of the tarmac to lift.”

Engineers and other employees working around the clock have brought that under control. Larger airports like Heathrow and Manchester have reported “no major disruptions” for now. They are doing all they can to monitor their tarmacs and ensure the safety of travelers passing through.

The heatwave has brought misery beyond airports. Today, the temperature is the hottest on record- topping 40 degrees Celsius (or 104 degrees Fahrenheit). Unlike the US, where air-conditioning is a common amenity, many British households have to make do with fans. For those living in coastal areas like Brighton, Aberystwyth and Shoreham-By-Sea, a dip in the ocean offers some relief. But these can only do so much. The UK can’t cope with extreme heat, and experts believe climate change is to blame.

One woman living in England told Travel Noire, “we have Dubai weather without Dubai air-conditioning and the breeze feels like air when you open an oven door.” Another said, “I’m literally sitting on a fan.”

There have been catastrophic consequences. A fire broke out in Wennington, East London. The London Fire Brigade can barely keep pace with the number of fires in the capital. Yahoo! News reported that “much of England and Wales was under a “red” extreme heat alert, with warnings of the potential for serious illness and a danger to life.”

The heat hasn’t spared jolly Scotland either. BBC reported “most of Scotland saw high temperatures on Monday, with Edinburgh and Aberdeenshire passing the 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) mark.

In response to today’s record heat, the Avanti West Coast Train Company, which services the UK, tweeted, “Extreme heat. All services stopped. Do not come to the station.”

The London Tube, used by about 2 million people a day, is reportedly like a sauna. Commuters are encouraged to avoid it unless they absolutely must travel.

If you live in the UK or are planning to go this summer, please do all you can to stay safe, cool and hydrated.