The Caribbean island of Antigua is known as the “Land of 365 beaches,” giving you the option of visiting a different shoreline every day of the year. While hitting every beach on the island might be a little ambitious, here are the ones you absolutely can’t miss:

Hawksbill Bay

All beaches in Antigua are public, meaning that they can get quite crowded during the high season. If you’re looking for a secluded lounging spot, head to Hawksbill Bay, which is a little more difficult to access, thus discouraging most travelers. You’ll have to walk through Hawksbill Resort to find it, but once you do, it’s crystalline waters are sure to impress.

Deep Bay Beach

Deep Bay beach is quite the tourist’s attraction. A hundred-year-old shipwreck lies in the middle of the bay’s water’s and makes for great snorkeling. There are a lot of activities and attractions nearby as well, so if the beach isn’t your thing, you can always stop by the Grand Bay Casino or the ZEMI Art Gallery.

Eden Beach

Eden is the only nude beach on the island, making it worth a visit if you’re feeling bold. It can be accessed by a path around the back of Hawksbill Resort, but you might want to ask around as it can be difficult to find.

Galley Bay

Perhaps the best spot to base yourself if you want to stick around for the sunset, Galley Bay is large enough that you won’t feel overcrowded, even during high season. Strong winds can make it difficult to swim, but it’s the perfect place to lounge while you take in the turquoise waters and white sands.

Half Moon Bay

Coral reefs and pink sand make Half Moon Bay a must-visit if you’re on the island. The beach is often empty, but make sure you pack everything you’ll need, as it’s a 45-minute drive from St. John and there are no facilities on the beach.

Valley Church Beach

Located between Coco Beach and Jolly Harbour, Valley Church Beach sits quietly between Antigua’s more popular spots. It’s rarely crowded, which makes it even more appealing to those who just want to be alone with their thoughts for a while.

Darkwood Beach

Situated away from the resorts, Darkwood Beach is a favorite among locals and has plenty of amenities, making it an easy day trip. During the high season, you might encounter cruise ships, but the beach is large enough for you to keep your distance from any unwanted crowds.

Curtain Bluff Beach

Last but not least, Curtain Bluff Beach is perhaps the most Insta-worthy on the island. It can be difficult to find the access road, so don’t be shy asking a local for assistance. 

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