While rising fuel costs are making travelers a little antsy, prices are not stopping people from planning what travel expert and Clorox Spokesperson Dayvee Sutton calls “The Greatest Of All Trips” aka GOAT trips.

“Americans are making big travel plans across the board,” she told Travel Noire. “People are saying here, take all of my money for my vacation.”

The GOAT trip travel experience is a phenomenon that Sutton says derives directly from the pandemic.

“Covid-19 put us on a roller coaster from travel being totally canceled in 2020, to planning travel in spring 2021 and then stopping or at least being confused with the Delta and Omicron variants,” she says. “[While] the fuel prices are higher, people are willing to pay because people don’t know what tomorrow will bring.”


When it comes to planning a GOAT, Sutton says there’s a resurgence in traveling to African countries such as Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania because these were bucket-list trips before the pandemic.

“What’s been the most popular is traveling to Mexico, especially for Black Americans because it’s been the easiest,” said Sutton. “The second is the Caribbean because it’s been the most accessible as [many countries] didn’t close to Americans.”

Scoring Deals For GOAT Trips Amid Rising Fuel Costs

A recent report from the New York Times details that the prices for domestic flights increased by 40 percent in 2022 compared to 2021. It’s a grim reality – at least in the short term – for people relying on scoring a good flight deal for those dream vacations.

“It’s hard these days to find those deals, but it’s possible. The best way to get a travel deal is to be as flexible as you can. Be flexible with where you want to go and when you can go.”


In addition to being flexible, have a plan by tracking flight prices.

“Use an app like Google Flights. Put in a random date and select the option to track airfare, so you don’t have to look for the deals. They will come to you in an email,” she added.

The good news, according to Sutton is that it’s not a time to panic just yet.

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