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Wellness Travel

Wellness Beyond Spas: 8 Transformative Retreats To Visit In 2024

In an era where wellness is no longer confined to conventional spa treatments, the travel...

Brunno Braga Nov 28, 2023
Southeast Asia Uncovered: Pulau Weh's Hidden Natural Wonders

Pulau Weh, located in the Aceh province of Indonesia, is situated at the northern tip of Sumatra...

Brunno Braga Sep 26, 2023
Black Girl's Healing House Is Changing The Narrative Between Black Women And Wellness

Black women are putting their mental health and wellness first more than ever before. Throughout...

Kelsey Marie Jan 27, 2023
Get A Free Facial Before Your Next Flight At JFK

French beauty and skincare line Clarins in collaboration with Air France just opened a lounge...

Rafael Peña Nov 7, 2022
5 Ways To Maintain Your Wellness Routine While Catching Flights

Traveling is fun, exciting, and liberating, but it can also be detrimental to your health. How...

Kelsey Marie Sep 1, 2022
Here Is Why Luang Prabang Is The Wellness Destination You Never Knew You Needed

Wellness destinations are perfect for the traveler who wants to get away, reboot, and prioritize...

Kelsey Marie Jul 1, 2019