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Vietnam Welcomes Over 1.44 Million Tourists So Far This Year

In the first eight months of 2022, Vietnam welcomed over 1.44 million international travelers....

Kelsey Marie Sep 16, 2022
Live Your Best Life: 9 Countries Where Luxury Is Cheap

Every year, Black expats leave the United States in search of a forever home to cater to all of...

Jasmine Osby Mar 10, 2022
10 Countries You Can Live For Less Than $1,000 A Month

If you think cost cutting is the only way to stay within your budget, then it’s time to consider...

Mitti Hicks Mar 24, 2021
The World’s Most Instagram-Worthy Hotels Of 2019

People travel for many reasons. Sometimes, selecting the right hotel comes down to just how...

Leah Freeman-Haskin Dec 31, 2019
7 Places You Need To Add To Your Travel Bucket List

It’s always a good time to revisit that travel bucket list. If you are looking for a...

Leah Freeman-Haskin Jun 7, 2019
Flight Deal: West Coast To Vietnam For Under $400

You can fly from Los Angeles or San Francisco to Vietnam’s most popular cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi...

DeAnna Taylor Aug 15, 2018