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Driving To Arizona For The Super Bowl? Here’s What You Need To Know

The Super Bowl is just days away, and the Phoenix area is expected to be inundated with football...

Brunno Braga Feb 10, 2023
A Woman of Color Was Allegedly Assaulted by a White Man On Southwest Airlines

Saarah Sareshwala, an Indian woman, was allegedly assaulted by a white man on Southwest Airlines....

Spencer Jones Sep 26, 2022
This New Technology Will Help Shorten Airplane Taxi Times And Possible Delays

The FAA has begun the implementation of a new software that will greatly shorten airplane taxi...

Ayah A. Nov 15, 2021
5 Of The Sunniest Places In The World To Get Your Dose Of Vitamin D

As the air gets more brisk and the leaves begin to turn, our days become shorter and we lose out...

Kelsey Marie Oct 6, 2020
Popeyes Is Cool But Here Are Other Black-Owned Chicken Sandwich Shops To Try

If one thing is clear by the latest battle of “who has the best chicken sandwiches,” it’s the...

Parker Diakite Aug 30, 2019

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