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Guitar Center And Southwest Airlines Surprise Passengers With Free Ukulele Lessons While On A Flight To Honolulu

Imagine getting ukulele lessons while on a flight to Hawaii. That’s what passengers aboard a...

Kelsey Marie Sep 19, 2022
Inside Nigerian Artist Nanci Amaka's Healing Visual Performance Honoring Her Roots

In 2017, Hawai’i-based multimedia artist and mother, Nanci Amaka filmed her visual performance...

Malik Peay Mar 30, 2021
Couple Tried To Pay $3,000 To Enter Hawaii Without COVID-19 Test Results

Two travelers from Louisiana attempted to enter Hawaii without showing the required negative...

Ayah A. Feb 23, 2021
Calling All Procrastinating Travelers! Here Are 11 Last-Minute Destinations You Should Book Now

Being a last-minute traveler isn’t all that bad, especially during the months of February and...

Kelsey Marie Feb 22, 2020
West Coast To Hawaii For As Low As $248 Round-Trip

There’s no better vacation than Hawaii. With the perfect year-round temperature, beautiful...

Mitti Hicks Apr 3, 2019