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Here Are A Few Facts About The Five Tallest Mountains In Africa

Africa has it all, from the sweeping Sahara Desert to the mighty Victoria Falls which sits...

Spencer Jones Jun 21, 2023
All Movies With LGBTQ+ Content Banned In Kenya

All LGBTQ+ content is banned in Kenya after the decision made by the Kenya Film Classification...

Amara Amaryah Nov 22, 2022
Black Excellence: Meet The Identical Twin Brothers Who Are Alaska Airlines Pilots

If you ever manage to see double on an Alaskan Airlines flight, know that your eyes are not...

Parker Diakite Aug 10, 2022
Ten African Languages Added To Google Translate

Thursday, Google announced that Google Translate , its multilingual neural machine translation...

Brunno Braga May 13, 2022
Ol Jogi, The Luxury Kenyan Safari And Hotel You Can Enjoy In Complete Privacy

Blending maximalist and classic African decor styles together effortlessly, Ol Jogi offers one of...

Amara Amaryah Jan 12, 2022
Kenya Has A Beautiful Geothermal Spa And It Should Be On Your Bucket List

Located at the Hell’s Gate National Park in Kenya, the KenGen Geothermal Recreational Health Spa...

Brunno Braga Sep 22, 2021
8 Indigenous Tribes In Africa Who Have Preserved Their Cultures for Centuries

With 54 countries and more than 1.3 billion people, there are more than 3,000 tribes across the...

Parker Diakite Jul 13, 2021

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