Spirit Airlines Gate Agent Suspended After Video Of Fight With Woman Goes Viral
Photo Credit: Spirit Airlines

Photo Credit: Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines Gate Agent Suspended After Video Of Fight With Woman Goes Viral

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Aug 16, 2022

A video showing a loud argument that turned into a physical fight between a Spirit Airlines agent and a customer at Dallas airport has gone viral. The incident resulted in the suspension of the airline employee. 

According to DFW Airport police, a female passenger from Fort Worth, Texas, became angry during the boarding process. She left the plane complaining there wasn’t a seat for her.

A Spirit employee told the airport police he asked the woman to get in line with the gate agent. The woman refused and started to yell at the airline staff. It escalated further when police said the supervisor tried to take her boarding pass.

Then, the argument escalated when she slapped the man and he hit her after both fell down.


‘Don’t touch me ever in your life’: A Spirit employee was suspended after a fight with a woman went viral at Dallas-Forth Worth Airport. Full story: https://trib.al/OyTiLTQ #unrulypassenger #Spiritairlines #Fight

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Spirit Airlines States It Is Investigating What Happened

People who were in the airport area tried to intervene, including one man who started arguing with the Spirit employee.

The incident was caught on video by Thomas Shannon. He is a professional cinematographer who was flying from Dallas to Tanzania, according to News 4 San Antonio.

“I did a stint with national geographic, and it’s all about getting as close to the action as you possibly can,” Thomas Shannon told News 4 San Antonio. 

“I’m at the panda express. We hear yelling and I just dropped my food on the counter run over as fast as I can just to see what’s going on,” said Shannon. “I think we need to have the dialogue of, of, you know, physical violence safety at the airport. Why, why airports so are so dangerous.”

Also, Shannon said his video has helped to spark discussions online.

“I would just encourage everybody to, to really have an honest conversation about this video and ask themselves what they would do, what they should do,” added Shannon.

Spirit Airlines said on its social media that it suspended the agent. The company said also it is investigating the incident which caused the fight.

“Spirit Airlines does not tolerate violence of any kind, and we are working with local law enforcement to investigate this matter,” the statement said.

The airline carrier has not informed how long the suspension would last.

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