Would you give up sex, coffee, and Netflix if it meant you could travel more? A survey conducted by Contiki says yes, you would.


The travel company that exclusively serves travelers between the ages of 18 and 35 surveyed over 1,500 millennials and Gen Z’er to see what they’d be willing to give up to make their travel dreams a reality. The survey revealed that 80 percent would give up Netflix, 57 percent would say goodbye to sex, and 41 percent would even give up their beloved cell phones — a shocking statistic considering millennials check their phones 150 a day.


Oh, and according to their research millennials and Gen Z’ers would also give up coffee, carbs, and alcohol, so that means saying goodbye to your favorite brunch menu items.


Contiki took their research a step further by exploring how much time millennials and Gen Z’ers spend planning their perfect getaway since the average person spends 8-10 hours on their phone a day.




Over half of the group can spend over three hours researching restaurants, and up to three hours looking at Yelp reviews, working out transit options, and finding a place to call home on their trip.


That’s a lot of screen time.


There have been other studies including one done by the Harris Group, noting that 72 percent of millennials prefer to spend their hard-earned cash on experiences like skydiving in Dubai or having a solo travel adventure, unlike previous generations.


What would you be willing to give up to see the world?