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Solo Travel Is On The Rise, According To A New Study

By Mitti Hicks


Longer work weeks, more obligations, and constant interaction on digital platforms are a few reasons why more people are opting to travel solo.


According to a survey by Agoda, a group of online travel agents, travelers are choosing to go on solo trips to take a break from the stresses of modern living.


Agoda’s Solo Travel Trends 2018 survey, conducted by YouGov, found that 61 percent of people are choosing to travel alone compared to 48 percent of those surveyed who would rather travel with friends.


According to the study, “relaxing” and “time to unwind” are the leading factors for people who opt to solo travel.  52 percent of respondents said getting away from their normal routine is also a contributing factor in traveling alone, and 45 percent said exploring a new culture is a top motivator.


The study also revealed an age gap between Western and Asian solo travelers.


In the West, solo travel is more prevalent among Baby Boomers, or people aged 59 years-old and older, and Generation Xers, those who fall between ages 39 and 58.


Asian solo travelers are more likely to be younger. 41 percent are Millennials, aged between 26 and 38.  More than 38 percent of Asian travelers are Generation Zers, which are defined as individuals aged between 18 and 25.


Whether for business or leisure, independent solo travelers from both places are heading to cosmopolitan cities from all around the world.


According to Agoda’s booking data, Bangkok, Thailand is the top destination for Asian solo travelers this year, while London is number one pick for Western solo travelers.


Both cities have a ton of attractions to keep any solo traveler busy, from shopping and nightlife to culture and dining, according to the survey.


Tokyo, Japan, however, is a popular choice for both Asian and Western solo travelers.  Tokyo offers solo travelers with various food, culture and accommodation offers suitable for various solo travelers.

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