The summer travel season will be here before you know it and instead of wishing you planned ahead for a trip to Europe, the Caribbean, Africa or Southeast Asia, you can start working now to make sure you get at least one getaway in when the summer rolls around.

Money is one of the major factors that keep most people from traveling as much as they would like to, but if you keep these saving tips in mind, you’ll start collecting the extra cash you need to take the trip you deserve.

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Save Your Change With A Round-Up App

Incremental saving goes a long way! I signed up for the Acorns app late last year and I’ve already saved more than enough for a plane ticket. Acorns will round up the change from purchases you make with your debit card, putting that money aside for you in an account that you can always access. You can also arrange to save as little or as much money as you want at a frequency that works for you. You’re saving money without realizing it, and you won’t even miss the change that you’re funneling into the account.

Skip The Coffee Shop

I invested in a high-quality coffee machine last year, and it’s raised my standards for coffee and saved me hundreds along the way. The coffee I make rivals any coffee house, and I’ve trained myself to make my cappuccinos before I leave the house. If you love being in a coffee shop atmosphere, drink your coffee before and simply buy a piece of fruit when you’re at the shop. It’s amazing how much you’ll save by cutting the daily $5 coffee habit.

Grocery Shop On Amazon Prime Now

Once you start grocery shopping on Amazon Prime Now, you’ll start to see your grocery bill drop instantly. Grocery stores as designed to entice shoppers to buy items they don’t need, but with Prime Now, you’re less likely to fill your digital cart with impulse items. Your groceries are delivered to you in two hours and you’re also likely to eat much healthier since it’s easier to buy just the items you need.

Sell Your Stuff

I’m an eBay queen, and it all started when I wanted to make cash for a vacation to New York City. I went through my closet and spent the afternoon taking photos of old clothes, shoes, jewelry and home décor in natural lighting and my eBay side hustle was born. It takes time to learn how to write product descriptions and figure out the packing and shipping process that works for your items, but I promise you that there’s someone, somewhere who wants that Forever 21 dress you wore once three years ago. It’s work, but it’s worth it.

A few small changes can the difference between you wanting to see the world and you actually doing it.