In 2020, San Francisco quickly became one of the most shut down cities in California during the pandemic due to a worrying rise in Coronavirus-cases, forcing residents to take extra precautions indoors. The unique city known for its diverse population and individualistic Victorian-style homes is beginning to restore the economy from the severe impact of the novel disease.

The Bay Area took pandemic restrictions very seriously while many local businesses were forced to close due to the lack of customer traffic that once helped their businesses flourish. Now, San Francisco is entering the “orange” tier which will allow the opening of museums, restaurants, hotels and their amenities— as well as the emblematic Bayside landmark of Fisherman’s Wharf.

Photo Courtesy Of Ignacio Palés

Although, Northern California is more open than Los Angeles, it doesn’t mean that this region is a prime excursion destination to visit because many outdoor activities remain closed in San Francisco. The magical bright red cable cars, the used-to-be bustling financial district, and famous Coit tower are not open to the public until COVID-19 cases lessen. When hospital ICUs empty more, the city of San Francisco will rush into full throttle in an attempt to replenish from the economic losses that occurred last year.

Mayor of San Francisco, London Breed has urged residents of San Francisco to be careful while the city slowly reclaims its vibrant fast-paced culture in a crowded 7 square mile radius. This is a giant step for the entire state of California where most metropolitan cities remain closed are just beginning to loosen their quarantine restrictions. The summer ahead is targeted to be an extremely busy season for San Francisco essential workers because people will be inclined to travel after an entire year of self-isolation.

Photo Courtesy Of Vlada Karpovich

In February 2020, Mayor London Breed declared a local emergency over the initial outbreak of the Coronavirus disease and this has allowed San Francisco residents to protect themselves earlier on from the pandemic. With online resources and information spread by city officials, the city was able to lower their COVID-19 cases faster than other California cities. The first African American woman mayor of San Francisco, London Breed rushed the city into lockdown prior to San Francisco having zero confirmed cases, so the city is finally able to restore its usual busy status.

The residence of San Francisco are still weary of returning to a normal pace of life because of how quickly the mayor shut down the city in 2022. The city became a ghost-town under the global pandemic and the quiet nature of San Francisco is beginning to fade away while people begin to return to work in the corporate districts of Downtown San Francisco. With the city being in “orange” tier, more and more San Francisco locals will wake up to the opportunity of being able to restore their lives back to the normal state of a full-functioning society.