Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Namibia were recently named as some of the top countries to have on your radar in 2020.

The rankings were announced by,  an online platform dedicated to providing travelers with resources to combat over-tourism.

The African countries were named among the top 30 emerging travel destinations on the planet for 2020.

Top countries were carefully selected by 30 of the most popular travel bloggers, who collectively have more than 12 million followers on social media.

“From places they’ve loved for years to others that are high on their bucket-lists, they’ve collectively identified some pretty incredible destinations among our nominations,” a statement from Travel Lemming reads.

Here’s What Bloggers Said About Each Country  


“Rwanda’s tourism scene is most famous for the opportunity to come face-to-face with the world’s most enrapturing creature on one of its spectacular mountain gorilla treks,” the selection committee concluded.  “But Rwanda’s conservation success story is about more than just gorillas: Akagera National Park offers the chance to see the Big Five on a more traditional safari, while Volcanoes National Park invites you to explore its fire-spewing namesakes.”

Planning to visit?  Travel Lemmings experts recommend Mid-December to early February; from June to September.

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“If you’re looking to get away from the crowds in 2020 and experience nature like you’ve never seen, then put Namibia at the top of your list of where to travel,”  a summary reads on Travel Lemming.  “You’ll be mesmerized by the million-year-old Sossusvlei dunes, an otherworldly landscape, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. You’ll fall in love with Fish Canyon, a trench so deep and impressive that it draws comparisons to its more famous American cousin.”

If you’re thinking about visiting, bloggers recommend July through October.


“The birthplace of mankind is opening its arms to visitors,” according to Travel Lemming voters.  “Ethiopia has been quietly improving its tourist infrastructure of late and may be finally poised to make a run as a top place to travel in East Africa. Though not a traditional safari destination, Ethiopia offers an extraordinary range of wildlife and bird-watching across its incredible array of landscapes. Plus, it’s home to 9 UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the remarkable Lalibela cave churches.”

The best time to visit is October to June, according to Travel Lemming.

Look at the top attractions in each country and the full report by clicking here.