TikToker Roti Brown’s dreamy vacation to the Rockhouse Hotel in Negril, Jamaica, has us filled with wanderlust. With nearly 68,000 followers on the app, Brown is renowned for her recipe videos that artfully combine her love of cooking with her mastery of flavors. However, a TikTok she shared in late April reveals that her impeccable taste extends beyond the kitchen to her travel choices as well.

In her post — a brief recap of her stay at the Rockhouse — Brown stated that vacationing in an up-to-par place was highly important. She opened the video by saying, “[You] know those people who preach about not being picky when it comes to hotels because ‘You don’t spend any time in the room anyway?’ — I’m just not one of those people.”

What Did Brown Love About The Rockhouse Hotel? And Why Do We Want To Visit It?

Brown stayed in her “premiere villa” for three nights. She claimed the best part of her room was the cliffside view overlooking Negril’s deeply turquoise waters. 

The room itself looked tropical, sans cliché aesthetics. The villa had lots of sunlight and effortlessly married the room’s indoor and outdoor spaces. Conveniently, there was easy access to Brown’s private deck and ladder into the Caribbean Sea. 

The TikToker’s video panned over the Rockhouse’s picturesque settings. The hotel’s infinity pool, lush greenery and beautiful Pristine Cove were all captured in her recap. 

Elsewhere in the video, Brown gushed over her dining options at one of the hotel’s two on-site restaurants. Her clips showed her and her travel partner enjoying fluffy coco bread, callaloo soup, a beef patty and a coconut-crusted snapper with plantain on the side.

“This is maybe the most relaxing vacation I’ve ever been on because we really just spent most of our time enjoying the views, the sunsets and the water,” Brown shared. “Actually, the only time we left [the property] was to get jerk chicken — but I can’t wait to stay here again.”

Overall, Brown’s video documented an enviable vacation with Instagram-worthy sunsets and Negril’s best offerings. The Rockhouse seemed inviting, charming and undeniably relaxing.

What Does The Rockhouse Hotel Offer Guests?

The Rockhouse currently boasts a 4.5 Tripadvisor rating and a 4.6 based on Google Reviews. 

In addition to its full-service restaurants and bar, the establishment has a spa, boutique and gift shop. There’s complimentary wifi, parking, and booking assistance for transportation. Moreover, the hotel even offers a free wedding and event planner.

Additionally, the Rockhouse implements various green initiatives and resource-saving practices for those interested in environmentally friendly travel.

What Is The Rockhouse Hotel’s History?

Before opening to the public in 1974, the original and stunning Rockhouse property starred in several films. The hotel’s website stated that its movie star debut came in the 1954 Oscar-winning sci-fi adventure 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Reportedly, as one of the West End’s first hotels, the Rockhouse has expanded its original property and accommodated Negril’s finest visitors for decades.

 “Early notable guests in the 1970s included Bob Marley, Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones. The iconic location has been a backdrop to everything from Vogue and GQ photoshoots [and] Playboy and Penthouse magazine centerfolds to a Jay-Z music video,” states the hotel website.

It added, “The property now boasts eight acres, 185 staff, 40 rooms, three restaurants and a world-class spa.”