Thanks to the availability of vacation rentals and Airbnbs worldwide, the game has been changed in terms of cooking while on vacation. Unlike most hotels, where you get a small refrigerator, and if you’re lucky, a microwave, most vacation rentals come with most of the kitchen basics.

To help you make your vacations feel more like a home away from home, here’s a list of traveling kitchen essentials.


Chefs and home cooks can be very particular about the seasonings they use when in the kitchen. It’s not your normal salt and pepper, some use natural ingredients, infused cooking oils, unique handcrafted spice blends from The Spice Bar, or authentic spices from around the world like this African Jollof Rice Pilaf seasoning.

Pressure Cooker 

Keep costs down and eat healthy during the holidays by bringing along the Premadonna Cookware Pressure Cooker. It’s great to take along for cabin trips and suitable for planes, believe it or not. This pressure cooker is voice-automated and comes with a free cookbook, seasonings from Premadonna’s signature cookware line, two spoons, a built-in timer, and 14 different functions.

FYI: Pressure cookers are allowed in both your checked bag and your carry-on. To prevent any delays during check-in, place the cooker and the lid in separate suitcases. For questions details about sizing, check Ask TSA’s facebook.

Waterproof Wine Travel Bag 

Not everyone has the same taste in wine but with Jillmo’s Waterproof Bartender backpack you can bring your own. It holds up to six bottles with removable inserts and pockets to hold strainers, corkscrews, and other bar tools. This backpack is ideal for traveling bartenders on the move and makes for a great fit for the holidays. It comes with a Lifetime Warranty, all for $79.99.  Get the backpack with bar tools at an increased price.

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Stainless Steel Pots  

Stainless steel pots are great multi-purpose cookware items to have, especially on vacation. Karibe, a black-owned company in New Jersey, offers quality cookware at an affordable price such as this lightweight high-quality saucepot. Take advantage of Karibe’s Black Friday sale for 18% off, available until Dec. 6. 

Flexible Spatula

Flip your pancakes, stir your eggs, and frost your favorite desserts with this 4-piece Heat Resistant Spatula Set. Whether at home or on vacation, this is one of the most used tools in the kitchen and suitable for pretty much anything. It’s non-stick, doesn’t stain, and safe for dishwashers. No more scraping the bottom of the pan to see scratches, its made with flexible silicone.

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Mini Personal Portable Oven

Cook frozen meals or reheat your leftovers using the HotLogic Mini. It’s as simple as placing your food in a sealed-lid container, putting it in the insulated tote bag, and plugging it up. The mini oven is small, lightweight, and lined with aluminum to maximize heat retention. And even better, it can fit right within your carry-on.


Photo Courtesy of Amazon