The UK-based travel company, Trainline collaborated with R&B star Craig David for an original song for their campaign “Better Days.” The campaign’s purpose is to raise awareness of how rail transportation can bring many benefits to the environment. 

I Came By Train

The multi-platinum British artist Craig David put together a very uptempo David-Esque song called “I Came By Train.” Along with the song is an animated music video that shows David on the way to his lost love via train. While the lyrics also express how the world would be better off in the long run if we all “came by train.”

Raising Awareness

Choosing to travel by train has many environmental benefits. According to recent data, cars and planes create 58% of the UK’s CO2 emissions, while all trains collectively only add up to 1.5%.

“I wrote this as a reminder that by making one small change, we can have such a big impact on all our relationships and our beautiful planet,” said David.

 “The change we need to tackle the climate emergency is only going to happen if businesses do their bit to help people take steps towards more sustainable lifestyles; changing the way we move is a key part of that transition – taking the train instead of driving creates 70% less CO2 on average,” added Jo McClintock, vice president brand at Trainline.

Where To Find Trainline Campaign

Trainline has a website dedicated to the campaign along with its new theme song by Craig David. They’re also marketing their campaign in key locations across the UK. To learn more click here.