Jamaican tourism is expected to change massively with the growing interest of psychedelic mushroom tourism that is already present in the country. The Caribbean island itself has seen a new group of resorts promoting “magic mushroom” tourism. 

In many parts of Europe and the U.S., mushrooms containing the psychoactive compound psilocybin are illegal. Jamaica is a country that hasn’t made these types of psychedelic mushrooms illegal. Currently, Jamaica is cultivating investors with hopes to grow its psychedelic industry according to Reuters

Estimates prove that the psychedelic mushrooms industry could amount to $8 billion globally by 2028. Wiith the growing popularity, it seems Jamaica is jumping on the trend quite early on. 

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The details:

Currently, there are around four psychedelic mushroom retreats in Jamaica. These each opened in recent years as the government warmed to this newer form of tourism. This also helped the government remain open to private investors. 

At MycoMeditations, a psychedelic retreat in Treasure Beach which grows its own mushrooms, guests pay as much as $23,500 a week for the mystical, unique experience. Justin Townsend, CEO of MycoMeditations, mentioned that at least 50% of visitors describe having a “mystical experience” and notice a reduction in stress. 

In an interview, Gabriel Heron, the agency’s Vice President of Marketing, commented on the “opportunity” to embrace this tourism in Jamaica. “How we position this particular tourism experience will more than likely be aligned with the health and wellness industry.”

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