From backyard gatherings to tropical vacations, the scorching heat can feel unbearable. For those hot days when you have to be outdoors, a portable fan is a must. Some of these little devices are smaller than the average phone, but have multiple settings and speeds to keep you cool.

While you’re packing your bag with essentials, don’t forget to bring one of these along.

TriPole Mini Handheld Fan

Standing around the height of an iPhone, this portable fan has two speeds to keep you cool when you’re on the go. Throw this in your purse for an outdoor summer festival. The touch of a single button turns the fan on or off, and adjusts the speed. The handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. If you get tired of holding it, there’s also an attachable lanyard. 

JISULIFE 3 IN 1 Handheld Fan

This little 3-in-1 gadget sure does a lot. You not only get a fan, but also a flashlight and a portable charger. As a fan, it has two speeds and an impressive battery life of up to 21 hours. There’s a small flashlight on the front, which can be quite useful if you need to search for something deep in your bag. The fan is easy to hold or you can even prop it up on a tabletop. 

Miady 3 Speed Mini Fan

On those days when you just know it’s going to be a scorcher, bring along this fan with three settings. It’s slightly larger than some, but still extremely portable at eight inches tall. There’s a seven to 20 hour battery life, depending on which speed you use. Hold this in your hand, use the lanyard to wrap it around your wrist or place it in the mount for a steady tabletop base. 

GerTong Portable Foldable Fan

Bring this foldable fan along for a beach day or a camping trip. The fan folds easily into a suitcase, carry-on or weekender bag and when erected, it stands at 14 or 40 inches on a tabletop or a floor. The device takes around four hours to fully charge and produces a powerful breeze for up to 23 hours. It has four speeds and a low noise level.

Yunyilan Portable Nano Facial Mister

If you’ve ever used an Evian facial spray, then you know how refreshing it is on a hot day. You also probably know it can be a bit expensive. A more affordable option can be purchasing a facial mister. Fill this with some spring water or rosewater and your skin will immediately feel refreshed and cooled down. Slide the button and the little device releases the perfect continuous mist. 

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