Normally when I travel, it is never for an extended period of time. I am a master of the extremely condensed getaway. My last two trips to Washington, D.C have been under sixteen hours, my most recent excursion to the D.C area being for a friend’s birthday. Technically I was supposed to leave Friday and make it a 32 hour trip with a departure home early Sunday morning; but I had tickets to see Beyoncé, and I wasn’t able sell my tickets so I had to stay. I rescheduled my flight for Saturday morning leaving me with less than 24 hours to be in D.C.  With trips like that I try to be more efficient than usual. These three tips work the best for me:

1. Try to pack a couple of days or at the very least the day before your trip

Now granted, I am a procrastinator when it comes to packing and unpacking, but I knew I had a concert where I would be dancing the night away and staying out late – so no procrastination was allowed this time around.

2. Be efficient with the clothes you pack

What does this mean exactly? For me it means packing a multipurpose outfit, something that is nice enough to wear to the airport, comfortable enough for the plane, goes with shoes that you can walk a good distance in, and can transition to a day time outfit when you arrive to your destination. Also, packing a pair of shoes you you feel comfortable walking in and dress shoes that go with all the outfits that you pack.

3.  Pack one carry on and one personal item

I usually travel like this regardless. I hate checking bags, but this saves time in so many ways. Saves time in packing, saves time at the airport, and it saves time with unpacking. For me, my carry on is a nice overnight bag with a shoulder strap and a large purse.

While these tips may not work for everyone, they are just three simple things to remember on those super short getaways.