New York City is cracking down on its travel quarantine restrictions to avoid a second wave of COVID-19. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio shared Tuesday that Sheriff deputies will begin checking passengers on buses en route to Port Authority from high-risk states. Travelers will be given forms where they must include their contact information and plans on quarantining. 

There has already been a mandatory 14-day quarantine order in place for travelers coming from high-risk states to the Tri-State area and Mayor de Blasio has implemented random checkpoints for vehicles entering NYC. Hotels will also be denying travelers access to staying if they do not fill out the form. 

According to de Blasio, about 20 percent of COVID-19 cases in NYC are from out of state travelers. 

There are currently 35 states and jurisdictions on the quarantine list for NYC with Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, and West Virginia being recent additions. 

Currently the list of restricted states include:

NYC officials are closely watching the COVID-19 numbers for an increase due to Labor Day Weekend festivities.