Georgia is known for its acres of untouched nature. There are 31 lakes in Georgia, including noteworthy Lake Lanier, scattered across the Southern and Northern side of the state. The state is a hot summer destination to visit if you are up for lakeside activities.

Speedboating, kayaking, paddle-boarding, and canoeing are some included water activities that are fun to do in a subtropical climate similar to Georgia’s weather. Here are 5 beautiful lakes in Georgia that you must try to visit if you are ever in the Peach state.

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1. Tallulah Falls Lake

The Tallulah Falls Lake is one of the largest lakes in Georgia with 63 acres of the deepest gorge in the state. The second-biggest gorge in the United States has a great hiking trail for travelers.

The Gorge Floor Trail leads you to the Bridal Veil Falls where whitewater rafting is popular along the river. Lake Rabun Hotel is the closest lodge to the park at 10 miles away from Tallulah Gorge State Park.

2. Seed Lake

Seed Lake is a smaller lake in Georgia with trees lining up along the shoreline. The wildlife in the forrest surrounding the lake are great for animal observation. The 13 miles of shoreline make the lake a great destination for hiking and bird watching. This body-of-water is popular for boating and water activities such as swimming as it attracts local families in the area.

3. Lake Lanier

Lake Lanier is a massive reservoir that attracts many young summer travelers. The lake sits on the northern parts of Georgia with over 600 miles of open water for visitors to use for boating. The 39,000 acres of shoreline and land mass make the shores surrounding Lake Lanier perfect for full-day picnic trips.

The clear blue waters attract many Americans who want to feel like they are in a subtropical climate while maintaining a low-cost domestic flight.

4. Lake Allatoona

Lake Allatoona is one of the most resourceful bodies-of-water in Georgia because it has fresh water. The drinking water is sourced for local communities in the area and has been a popular spot for families to picnic. The sandy beaches and playgrounds make for a fun day in prime weather.

5. Lake Burton

Lake Burton is one of six lakes that take up Rabun Country in Georgia. This large reservoir is home to various types of basses and trout that make it profitable for local fisheries. Although fish are found in the water, this body-of-water attracts outgoing people who love tubing, kayaking, and other immersive water activities.