When considering a visit to Costa Rica, you should make your way to the breathtaking Nicoya Peninsula. There, you’ll find the town of Nosara, a hidden gem in Costa Rica with stunning landscapes and gorgeous beaches.

Nosara should be on everyone’s bucket list. It is not only known for its beautiful natural surroundings, but also for having strong yoga and surfing communities. These growing communities make it an excellent location for people who want to unwind and experience a chill pace of life.

Vacationing in Nosara, with its pleasant climate and friendly locals, offers an experience you won’t forget any time soon. Nosara boasts five beaches, each with its own unique vibes. Surfers and people who appreciate nature flock to these beaches. From San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, tourists can get to their destination by flying on one of the country’s domestic airlines or driving for about five hours.

Let’s dive into some of the best beaches found in this hidden gem.

Playa Garza

Playa Garza is a beach that has picturesque surroundings. It is an authentic beach town, complete with a lengthy stretch of white sand and a tranquil atmosphere. Both of those features contribute to the town’s popularity among tourists from all over the world.

Playa Garza is the epicenter of the fishing industry in the area. Since there are not as many tourists there, scuba divers, snorkelers, whale watchers, and more can enjoy a serene and unhurried time at the beach in this perfect spot.

For those passionate about food, a diverse selection of restaurants and cafes serve freshly caught seafood to keep your tastebuds happy. Local restaurants source seafood from area fishermen, resulting in delicious, freshly-prepared dishes.

Playa Guiones

Guiones is another beautiful beach in Nosara. It is the perfect place to feel the laid-back way of life that is typical in Costa Rica. Visitors enjoy this beach’s breathtaking sunsets, and watersport aficionados are welcomed by the excellent surfing conditions.

In addition to surfing, tourists can enjoy a variety of activities, such as yoga, horseback riding and hiking. This beach is an ideal destination for people who love both outdoor activities and exciting new experiences.

Playa Guiones is also a protected area, which makes it a great place for taking in Costa Rica’s natural beauty. It is the home to a variety of animal species, such as howler monkeys and sea turtles. Ecotourists love to flock to this destination.

Travelers who want to learn more about the culture and food of the area can also explore the towns and villages nearby.

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Playa Pelada

Pelada Beach, near a rock formation north of Guiones Beach, is calmer with seashells and a reef that makes swimming safer and more relaxing. Visitors can hide under the tall trees to avoid sunburn or head for the northern boulders to explore caves and tidal pools.

The blowhole in the rocky area offers fun seawater showers, and the tides bring the best drizzle.

Nosara Beach

The farthest beach in Nosara is Nosara Beach. Situated north of Pelada Beach, it is one of Costa Rica’s largest beaches with lush mangroves, rugged rocks and beautiful coral reefs.

Surfers find this beach appealing because of the quality of its waters.

Ostional Beach

Ostional Beach is a special beach where animal sanctuary meets the sea. Ostional’s waters are crystal blue.

The beach is a protected wildlife site as it is a sea turtle sanctuary. From July to December, during the rainy season, thousands of sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. The black sand beach is a favorite among nature lovers who enjoy watching tiny turtles take their first steps toward the sea.

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