New York City is renowned for its diverse and dynamic culinary scene, with restaurants that cater to virtually every taste and budget. From molecular gastronomy to trendy fusion cuisine, the city’s best new restaurants deliver exciting new ways to please your palette.

The city that never sleeps has a seemingly endless variety of restaurants, with cuisine from all over the world. Whether you’re in the mood for Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, or anything in between, you’ll find it in NYC. Restaurants in the city are always pushing the envelope regarding culinary innovation.

Here are the best new restaurants to try in New York this year.

Bar Lula

Bar Lula mushroom crepe dish - best new restaurants new york
Photo Credit: Ashley Sears

Nestled in New York City’s Lower East Side is one of this year’s best cocktail restaurant bars in the city. Bar Lula combines great cocktails with gourmet-style Mexican and Latin tapas dishes. Bar Lula also boasts one of the most extensive collections of agave spirits in the city. Their cocktail program centers around the use of agave and is designed to complement the spirit’s unique characteristics.

The team behind Bar Lula embarked on this passion project to bring their culinary and mixology expertise to life. Executive Chef Luigi Petrocelli and Chef Ricardo Arias sought to merge their mastery of French culinary techniques with their deep appreciation for Mexican ingredients to produce a fresh dining experience.

Primal Fusion

chicken dish at Primal Fusion - best new restaurants in New York
Photo Credit: EXHSTD

Within the last ten years, fusion restaurants have increasingly grown in popularity across the world. Japanese flavors applied to staple dishes from an array of countries have either worked out extremely well or panned out horribly. The latter isn’t the case for Chef John Dewine’s Primal Fusion restaurant located inside one of New York City’s premier gentleman’s clubs, Sapphire 39.

Primal Fusion’s Japanese Steakhouse concept transcends the norms seen in most fusion food restaurants. Each dish packs a delightful burst of well-developed flavors while bringing its own personality to the table. 

Some of the standouts on the menu are the stuffed chicken wings, surf & turf, and the braised short rib. Primal Fusion is an unmatched experience that should be added to your itinerary as a must-visit restaurant in the city.

Isla & Co

interior at Isla and Co - best new restaurants in New York
Photo Credit: Alexander Loayza

In addition to serving amazing food, Isla & Co. will keep you coming back with their amazing service and atmosphere. It’s clear that Isla & Co puts much emphasis on the customer experience.

The menu at Isla & Co. draws inspiration from the rich cultural melting pot of Australia, featuring always-fresh, high-quality ingredients. Popular dishes include kangaroo skewers, spicy shrimp vodka rigatoni, fish & chips, and charred octopus, which showcase a diverse range of cultural influences.

Isla & Co.’s brunch menu also features a variety of mouthwatering options. The brekkie roll, smoked salmon benedict, and brioche french toast are just a few items you can enjoy during brunch.

Hidden Leaf

Photo Credit: Chris Ramirez

Located within the entertainment destination of Midnight Theatre, Hidden Leaf is a stunning independent restaurant offering a pan-Asian culinary experience. The restaurant takes its inspiration from the cuisines of southern China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. Led by Chef Chai Trivedi, the menu features shareable dishes that promise to take diners on a unique and flavorful journey.

Head downstairs for another culinary experience at Midnight Café. In partnership with Essex Pearl, Midnight Café serves a vibrant cocktail program and a mix of classic and creative seafood bites, including an enticing Oyster Happy Hour.

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