With the proliferation of cameras, phones, drones, and other portable gadgets, it’s almost impossible to go on vacation without getting some good snaps to keep your Instagram feed current and your aesthetic cohesive. Warm weather destinations pull double duty by blending vibrant scenery with an undoubtedly fire outfit. But don’t sleep on the winter holiday destinations.

Sure it’s cold and you’re probably buried in layers to stay comfy and cozy, but the blankets of snow and white-capped mountains also make for a postcard-worthy backdrop.

And if you’re looking for your next photogenic winter getaway, Area 52 is taking out the guesswork. They selected a seed list of winter holiday destinations to look at the Instagram hashtags for each location to determine which are the most popular winter holiday locations for 2021. From spots in Eastern Europe to a favorite escape in Canada, here are the most Instagrammed winter holiday destinations in the world.

1. Cappadocia, Turkey


When most people think of Cappadocia, colorful hot air balloons floating over a sun-drenched vista pop into frame. But with over 257,000 hashtags, Cappadocia in Turkey is the most Instagrammed location.

The winter season in Cappadocia is a time for stunning landscapes, fascinating history, and those famous hot air balloon rides across the snowy land.

2. Lapland, Finland


The vast subarctic wilderness, ski resorts, and incomparable views of the Northern Lights make Lapland in Finland the second most popular destination with 222,000 Instagram posts.

3. Missoula, Montana


Take a ride on a snowmobile, ski, snowboard, or find a local hill for sledding against the cityscape of Missoula, Montana.

4. Whistler, Canada


Whistler, Canada was the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics and is home to one of the largest ski resorts in the world. The chalet style village is picture perfect.

5. Prague, Czech Republic


Snow is surprisingly rare in Prague in December. But if you’re lucky enough to encounter it, the architecturally stunning city turns into a fairytale.

6. Dolomites, Italy


The stunning mountain region of the Dolomites is not just for ski enthusiasts. Snow shoeing, Nordic walking, snowkiting, and snowboarding are also popular activities.

7. Bled, Slovenia


Bled is the ideal place for a romantic winter interlude, as the lake freezes over and snow starts lightly coating the mountains.

8. Lofoten, Norway


Norway is so nice, it makes this list twice. First up is Lofoten, where shorter days mean a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights flare across the sky.

9. Tromsø, Norway


Winter in Tromsø is surprisingly mild thanks to its coastal location. It is encased in steep mountains and gorgeous fjords, and word is that you can see the Arctic wilderness from the city center.

10. South Coast, Iceland


The South Coast is easily accessible and one of the most visited regions. Glacier lagoons, waterfalls, ice caps, majestic mountains, and volcanoes add to its mystique.