In a strategic move, Marriott International announced in May its official acquisition of Hoteles City Express, a well-established hotel chain in Mexico. The transaction was worth $100 million. This agreement paves the way for Marriott to acquire the City Express brand family, known for operating a network of moderately priced hotels throughout Latin America.

The official acquisition not only strengthens Marriott’s position in the region but also positions the company as a leading hotelier in the Caribbean and Latin America. City Express will carve out a niche within Marriott’s expansive brand portfolio, distinct from its more upscale siblings such as Ritz-Carlton and St. Regis. With the addition of City Express as its 31st brand, Marriott gains further access to the budget hotel market, capitalizing on recent efforts by major chains like Hilton and Hyatt to cater to guests less affected by inflation.

City Express is a renowned budget hotel chain that offers both urban and suburban locations, as well as accommodations tailored for longer stays. Over 150 existing City Express hotels have seamlessly transitioned into the Marriott chain, spanning popular destinations in Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Chile. These properties range from urban hubs to tranquil suburban settings, and their names are synonymous with Latin American vacationers. With this acquisition, Marriott’s footprint now expands to over 480 hotels across 37 countries, representing an impressive 45 percent increase in its presence in the CALA (Caribbean and Latin America) region.

Five Brands

The City Express family comprises five brands: City Express, City Express Plus, City Express Suites, City Express Junior, and City Centro.

Brian King, President of Caribbean and Latin America (CALA) at Marriott International, expressed his enthusiasm about the brand acquisition, stating, “With this acquisition, we have significantly expanded our presence in the Caribbean and Latin America, particularly in secondary and tertiary markets, making us the largest hotel company in the region. We see substantial opportunities to further develop the City Express brand in CALA and other locations.”

Marriott International’s acquisition of Hoteles City Express marks a strategic milestone, propelling the company’s growth and dominance in the Caribbean and Latin American hospitality market. As Marriott continues to explore new avenues for expansion, the City Express brand is poised to play a pivotal role in capturing the hearts of travelers seeking affordable and convenient accommodation options in the region.