There’s a sense of relief for residents in a London community after a man known as the “Hotel Nightstalker” was sentenced to 14 years behind bars. Police say Hugo Delgado targeted women traveling alone by following them to their London hotels.

Once inside, he would lie to the receptionist posing as their husband to get a key card and ultimately access to their rooms, where he proceeded to sexually assault them.

Delgado, 22, was found guilty of sexually assaulting two women and trespassing with intent to commit a sexual offense.

“He was a very organized and dangerous individual,” Police Superintendent Daniel Rutland told The Daily Mail. “He is a predatory offender, and you can see from his history and the type of things he has done that he is opportunistic.”

The first woman was attacked on Oct. 6, 2019, at a hotel in Shoreditch. He followed the woman to the hallway just outside of her room and lied telling the woman it was his room. She flashed her key card to prove him wrong and he left the hotel shortly after.

Court documents revealed he returned to her room around 3 am. The woman woke up after Delgado sexually assaulted her. She screamed, he left shortly after, and police were called to the scene to launch an investigation.

Not even a week later, Delgado found his next victim. A young woman in her 20s in the same community of London hotels at 4:45 in the morning.

The second victim testified in court that she remembered waking up to Delgado in her hotel room after she was reportedly sexually assaulted. Police were called the same morning, and he was arrested while still in the victim’s hotel room.

“He will go to prison but [a] prison is a place like any other for someone with no ethics, values, ambitions, or goals,” the second victim stated in court. “Meanwhile, I am left with hours and hours of therapy, police phone calls, reminders of a trauma I hope will not follow me for the rest of my life and a challenge to find myself again and pick up from where I left off, despite what I’m still going through […] no one deserves this.”

Police told Daily Mail they believe there are more victims and encouraging those who believe they were assaulted by Delgado in area London hotels to come forward.