While on board an EasyJet flight bound for London, a passenger died following a “medical emergency.” The exact details of that emergency are unknown.

According to My London, “passengers grew concerned when they noticed their fellow passenger, who appeared to be traveling alone, wasn’t waking up.”

What Happened?

Approximately three hours and thirty minutes into the flight, things went south.

After fellow passengers noticed the man wasn’t responsive, the crew stepped in to try and help. They weren’t successful.


The Crew Asked For Help

Crew members asked if there were any medical professionals on board.

My London wrote, “two people hesitantly raised their hands to offer their help but unfortunately neither were able to offer more than the crew’s first aid capabilities.”

One passenger who said they were a nurse, asked if the passenger was breathing. One of the flight attendants reportedly said, “we can’t say anything, sir.”

A defibrillator was set up. The passenger sitting next to the man was given a chance to change seats, as were others nearby.



Witnesses Praised Crew Actions

My London quoted an anonymous passenger who said, “She’s (one particular flight attendant) done absolutely amazingly, must be so tricky. The team handled the situation with extraordinary composure and professionalism.”

While the plane flew over Paris, the pilot informed passengers of the incident, and “asked for everyone to treat the dead man with dignity.”

On arrival at Gatwick International Airport, passengers were kept from exiting until parademics officially declared the man deceased.

Easy Jet Issued A Statement

A representative for EasyJet said, “sadly a passenger died onboard flight EZY8454 from Paphos to London Gatwick on 17 November.”

They added, “the well-being of our passengers and crew is always EasyJet’s highest priority. Our crew are trained to respond to medical issues and did all possible during the flight. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the customer and we are offering support and assistance at this difficult time.”