Lyft has teamed up with Alaska Airlines just in time for the holiday season. The partnership allows riders with an Alaska Mileage Plan account to earn miles when riding with Lyft.

“We are thrilled to provide our riders with more benefits and opportunities to enjoy a best-in-class travel experience. At Lyft, we’re committed to hospitality and to giving our users the chance to unlock the best value for all their transportation needs — a key purpose embedded in this partnership,” says Zach Greenberger, Vice President of Strategic Business Development and Supply Chain at Lyft. 

Lyft Alaska Airlines

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How does the partnership work?

Alaska Mileage Plan account holders can earn 2 miles for ever $1 spent on their Lyft rides in the US and Canada from now until December 31st. After that, riders will earn 1 miler for every $1 spent on their everyday Lyft rides. 

Riders can use the miles they earn to book flights to visit their loved ones or to go on vacation with Alaska Airlines. 

Sangita Woerner, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Guest Experiences at Alaska Airlines says, “We always want our guests to have a terrific travel experience, even when they’re not flying with us. Our new partnership with Lyft makes sure our flyers are also cared for on the ground as they go places. Alaska and Lyft are both respected brands by millions of customers who turn to us as their preferred modes of transportation.”

How to link your Alaska Airlines account to Lyft

Linking your accounts is simple. All you have to do is select Alaska Airlines as the active partner in the “Rewards” section of the Lyft app. 

“The Alaska’s team dedication to customer loyalty and creating a culture of belonging aligns seamlessly with many of the values that we maintain at Lyft,” Greenberger says.

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