Tokyo, Japan is the largest city in the world.

Tokyo, Japan is not a quaint city. Unlike Vatican City, the smallest city in the world, Tokyo has a large urban and metropolitan area. With a population of 37.3 million people (37.7 million if all metro areas are counted), the city is bustling. In 2023, around 3.3 million international tourists visited Tokyo (which is significantly less than estimated numbers due to the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions) and 542.7 million domestic tourists visited. Why so many international and domestic visits? Well, everybody wants to visit the largest city in the world.

With the dense area and high amount of tourists fitting into 847 square miles, this may seem a daunting task; but read on for guidance in preparation for your trip to Tokyo, Japan

The Best Things To Do In The Largest City In The World 

Tokyo, Japan is the largest city in the world and still a premier vacation spot. Sites like the Tokyo Skytree make it an interesting destination.

Shibuya Crossing 

Commonly known as the world’s busiest intersection, the Shibuya crossing has had as many people as 3,00 people crossing at one time. This is known as the scramble because thousands of pedestrians cross the intersections and all cars are momentarily halted. The crossing has been featured in countless films and shows, so it is a fantastic photo opportunity for visitors. 

Tokyo Skytree

The largest tower in the world, the Skytree Cafe, stands at 2,080 feet and has 29 floors. The Skytree Cafe is available for light snacks, desserts and drinks while the Sky restaurant provides a more formal dining experience. Sky Restaurant 634, reserves tables months ahead of time so a visit to the restaurant is best planned ahead of time. 

Ryogoku Kokugikan 

Witness the national sport of Japan, sumo, in Tokyo at the Ryogoku Kokugikan (also known as Ryōgoku Sumo Hall or Kokugikan Arena). Take an informational four-hour guided tour of the famous sumo amphitheater for around $90, which includes admittance to the matches. 

Sakurai Japanese Tea Experience 

Learn about roasting and blending curated teas first-hand first hand by being a part of a tea ceremony. Observe the traditional tea course, Japanese tea and Chasyu (sake and tea mixture) at the Sakurai Japanese Tea Experience. 

Best Time of Year to Visit 


Tokyo in the summer attracts more tourists than throughout the rest of the year. Prices, heat and humidity will all be high during late June until the end of August. 


Expect less humidity, heat and visitors during the fall in Tokyo. This is considered the rainy season (from September to October), so bring an umbrella or poncho. 


While less tourists will be visiting Tokyo at this time, hotels in Tokyo are generally consistent in terms of pricing (with Spring still being the high season). Temperatures will be in the mid 40’s and 50’s from December through February. 


The temperature will be in the 60’s or 70’s and the Japanese Cherry Blossoms will be making an appearance during this time (March to May). Spring is considered one of the best times to visit Tokyo to see the blossoms and experience the city in all of its bright glow.

When To Secure Tours 

Depending on the season that is chosen for the Tokyo trip, visitors may need to reserve experiences and excursions months ahead of time. A travel guide is also advisable since Japan has a complex train system and it may be difficult for tourists to navigate the area with a language barrier while managing the volume of people in the area.


Tokyo's transportation is complex and accessible for travelers.

How to Get From Place to Place 

Tokyo is a densely populated area, so the public transportation system is extensive. This includes airports, trains, buses, taxis/ride share and walking. Tokyo has the Narita and Haneda Airport as well as plenty of train lines that help people get around efficiently. 

As the largest city in the world, Tokyo is always bustling with activity. Whether it is crossing a street with 3,000 other tourists or taking a moment to stop and smell the blossoms, one cannot go wrong with visiting this beautiful city.