5 Black-Owned Bookstores In Los Angeles Focused On The African Diaspora
Photo Credit: Seven Shooter

Photo Credit: Seven Shooter

5 Black-Owned Bookstores In Los Angeles Focused On The African Diaspora

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Malik Peay
Malik Peay May 11, 2021

There are multiple Black-owned bookstores to visit in the Los Angeles area that focus on carrying materials about the African Diaspora, Black historical feats, and uplifting cultural narratives.

During the pandemic, a massive push to support Black-owned businesses became a shift for many Americans who looked into products and businesses owned by Black families and entrepreneurs. In Los Angeles, there are several Black-owned businesses that are operated by multiple generations of local families.

If you’ve been looking to your collection of Black literary works, then plan a trip to these Black-owned bookstores in Los Angeles.

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Eso Won Books


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The popular Leimert Park bookstore is owned by James Fugate and has been operating in the area for 30 years now. The bookstore has been spotlighted by Issa Rae, from herself growing up in the area to utilizing the educational resources the bookstore has stored. The Eso Won Bookstore has been in operation since the early 1990s and has become a staple within Leimert Park’s shopping center.

Reparations Club


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The Reparations Club is a cultural hub for Black Los Angeles residents who want to consume Black-owned products and educational materials in the Mid-City area. Solely focused on the expanding the resources available for Black youth, the Reparations Club is owned by McGilbert who felt inspired to open up the club after experiencing the loss of a parent.

The hybrid bookstore store and lounge has become a popular scene for young Black expats who are looking for places to find community in Los Angeles.

Malik Books


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The owner of Malik Books, Malik Muhammad, opened up his very own bookstore in Los Angeles in the early 1990s. Located in Baldwin Hills specifically, the bookstore has various African Diaspora texts that can be checked out. Malik’s Bookstore has gifts and literature for Black youth because that was his motivation when it came to realizing why he wanted to open up his own business.

Shades Of Afrika


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The Shades Of Afrika bookstores are located in the cities of Corona and Long Beach, right on the edge of Los Angeles County. This gift shop has African cultural relics, products, herbs, and educational resources at an affordable rate so that their prices are accessible for all.

The website is a great source for locating products if you can’t make it to either of their locations. The Afrikan art is just as mesmerizing as their extensive collection of African literature.

Miss Read Books


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This special bookstore is functioning virtually right now and is run by Black women and nonbinary femmes. Miss Read Books provides an online safe space for young adult fiction lovers who want to see a reflection of themselves in the narratives they read. Most of the novels are featuring women of color and nonbinary characters.

The online bookshop features many genres, ranging from sci-fi to fantasy. You will definitely find a novel you love in this unique book browsing experience!

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