There are a few times when a splurge is absolutely worth it. Major milestone birthdays or anniversaries are a few occasions where a luxury trip is needed. Sometimes, the same can be said for specific high end travel products.

Though it’s possible to find deals, like luggage sets or checked bags that are affordable, some items have a higher sticker price. They’re made with superior materials, have amazing reviews and constantly prove why they have a loyal customer base. From sleek carry-on bags made with aluminum to a self-cleaning water bottle, below are a few travel items well worth the splurge. 

Monos Hybrid Carry-On

Monos keeps their high end travel products sleek and durable for the traveler who doesn’t need a ton of bells and whistles. The exterior of this carry-on suitcase is durable polycarbonate and the corners are reinforced with aluminum. There is no need to worry about the zipper getting stuck or broken on this suitcase. Instead of zippers, it latches closed by two secure, TSA-approved locks. If you want to jazz up your suitcase, the brand offers monogrammed stickers.

LARQ Bottle PureVis

Larq’s water bottles are in a class of their own, as it features a self-cleaning technology. It also has a water purification system built in. Simply tap the top, and the bottle purifies the water. This is a perfect high end travel product investment for folks constantly on the go. 

Calpak Medium Clear Cosmetics Case

Anyone who’s ever had their makeup or skincare essentials spill inside their suitcase knows the importance of a sturdy toiletry bag. Calpak’s cosmetic cases come in a few sizes and the medium is perfect for travel-size products. It’s divided into two sides, so you can efficiently organize your products. The zip-flat design also makes it easy to access products. The durable material will absolutely come in handy and keep products protected.

Lunya Silk Sleep Mask

A great sleep mask can help you block out any light and sleep, while on an overnight flight or long train ride. Unlike some sleep masks that are uncomfortable, Lunya’s mask is made of pure mulberry silk. In addition to being super soft to the touch, it’s thermoregulating and keeps the body cool. The wide elastic band fits comfortably over the head, and the mask is washable. It one of those perfect high end travel products to help you relax while traveling

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

The price of headphones and earbuds is skyrocketing, but one brand that constantly delivers is Bose. The sound quality is immaculate, and there are 11 levels of noise cancellation. The design is lightweight and one charge gives up to 20 hours of battery life.

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