The cost of living is expensive all over the country and in parts of the world. Rent in cities like New York and San Francisco is so exorbitant, that many residents have to get a roommate or several just to make ends meet.

Once upon a time, when our parents and grandparents were young, housing was affordable. But that’s something out of reach for most Millennials and Gen Z’ers. The reason? According to World Economic Forum, the culprit is rising inflation.

Here are the five of the most expensive states to purchase a home, according to CNBC Make It.



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Hawaii has been in the news recently due to excessive tourism.

Locals have begged outsiders on social media to reconsider visiting, citing displacement, gentrification and cultural genocide as ongoing problems.

CNBC lists the median home price as $615,300.00



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No surprises here. California is expensive whether you’re buying or renting.

San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Laguna Beach and Santa Barbara consistently make the “most expensive” lists.

San Francisco and Los Angeles continue to grapple with a homelessness crisis exacerbated by the pandemic.

CNBC lists the median house price as $505,000.00.



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Next on the list is another western state- Oregon.

The median home price is $312,200.00.

According to World Population Review,  “While utilities are among the cheapest in the country, Oregon has one of the highest housing costs.”




CNBC lists the median house price in Washington as $339,000.00.

One plus of this state is that it has some beautiful summers. And you don’t have to live there to enjoy them.

Embrace Someplace writes, “it’s never humid or muggy, so you can enjoy time outside, and outdoor recreation is a huge deal around here!”



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The Centennial State of Colorado rounds out the list, with a median home price of $343,300.00.

The U.S. News & World Report says “housing in Colorado is 34% more expensive than the rest of the United States.”

However, “Coloradans spend less on groceries and utilities than the average American, which helps offset the higher housing costs.”