Halloween Is Almost Here! Here Are Some Things To Do For The Spooky Season
Photo Credit: Photo by Robert Linder

Photo Credit: Photo by Robert Linder

Halloween Is Almost Here! Here Are Some Things To Do For The Spooky Season

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Oct 25, 2022

Some say Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but nope, it’s Halloween!

Elaborate costumes, thrills and stacks of sweets. Halloween fans living in New York have a reputation for going “all out.” The brownstones of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn are dotted with pumpkins and draped with spider webs. Folks living in the suburbs and upstate spare no expense in decorating their homes in truly creative and amazing ways. And then there are the cute kids who go from door to door, dressed in their Halloween best.

Here are some ideas to consider for the spooky season.

Go To The Village Parade

Yes, Halloween falls on a Monday this year which is pretty lame.

But that doesn’t stop the party in the city that never sleeps!

The 49th annual Village Halloween Parade will rock downtown on October 31. Revelers go all out with the costumes and props.

If you’re not bothered by large crowds, check out this free, vibrant event.


Hit The Clubs Or Bars


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Just about every nightclub will have something. If not on Halloween, then the weekend preceding it.

Webster Hall will host the official after party for the Village Halloween Parade. New York millennials started partying here in the mid-2000s. Good times.

Bars such as Cabaret de L’Enfer, Fraunces Tavern and Madame X usually go all out for this time of year.


Go To A Haunted House


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Like everything else, the cost of visiting a haunted house has gone up.  We did a feature on that.

This kind of attraction operates on a spectrum.

There are haunted houses (or venues) that’ll give you a little jump scare and that’s it. Then there are extreme ones which require you to sign a lengthy waiver and provide a doctor’s note. If you decide to go, just know what you’re getting into.



Tuck In With A Scary Movie

If your response to crowds and noise is “nope,” tuck yourself under the covers with a scary movie.

Netflix and the other streaming services have scores of thrilling movies and series.

Treat yourself to Halloween candy and refreshment. Why not? Most others will be doing the same.

Trick Or Treat


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Who doesn’t like free candy? Or free anything?

A few years ago, Food & Wine did a humorous article on how to trick or treat as an adult.

They wrote, “your costume must be on point. Exhaust every option to find a child chaperone. Put candy in your bag before leaving the house. Say trick or treat like you really mean it. And if all else fails, dress as two kids in a trench coat pretending to be a grown-up.”




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