As the weather cools, the warm weather flight deals begin to roll in.


Calling all those in and around New York and Fort Lauderdale. Norwegian Air International has dropped fares to the French Caribbean. You can choose between Martinique or Guadeloupe. Roundtrip fares can be found for as low as $168.



Dates span from late October through early February, depending on the destination. Use Google Flights to pick a date and destination. Check Norwegian’s website for baggage fees.


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The French-Creole speaking islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe are said to be the best kept secret among North-American travelers. Both islands are apart of France, although they are closer to New York than Paris. You will be able to experience authentic French culture without venturing far.


Water lovers will enjoy top-notch diving and snorkeling on Martinique. Here you will find a treasure trove of deep-water sunken ships, including 14 boats sunk by the eruption of Mount St. Peele in 1902.


Guadeloupe or “Gwada” has a deep connection with African-Creole culture. The island is known for its rich music heritage. “Gwo-Ka” is a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage art form blends African call-and-response singing, Guadeloupe-Creole lyrics, dancing, and traditional Ka drum rhythms, and dancing.


For all food lovers, this is the place to be. The French Caribbean’s cuisine is a blend of spicy Afro-Indian, Afro-French, and Afro-Caribbean. Fresh seafood is a staple on most menus as well as local Creole favorites like boudin creole (blood sausage) and accras (cod fritters).


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Guadeloupe is now home to the world’s only Caribbean Center for Expressions and Memory of the Slave Trade and Slavery. ( Memorial ACTe) The museum features interactive exhibits and live performances to depict the stories of slaves, slave owners, and abolitionists.


If all of this isn’t enough, what’s a visit to an island without seeing its beaches? Both islands have amazing beaches, including volcanic black sand beaches.


Book your flight soon, this deal is too good to pass up.