United Airlines, and its affiliate SWISS, have dropped their prices on flights to Johannesburg, South Africa. You can fly from Los Angeles or New York for as low as $533.

The low-priced flights are valid for travel in mid-February through March. You can find the same fares for as low as $525 if you use third-party sites via Skyscanner. Otherwise, use Google Flights to find the dates that work best for you.

These flights include a long layover in Zurich, Switzerland. You can turn your trip into a 2-for-1 and set out to explore some of the Swiss city.

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We adore the beauty and splendor of Cape Town, but for a truly progressive city that is poised to make an impact, nothing beats Johannesburg. Johannesburg is still fairly young, but here you’ll find countless black men and women doing their part to put Jozi on the international world stage. There are plenty of startups in the South African city. The creative community is booming, and major technology companies have been investing in Johannesburg for years. If you want a peek into what the future of Africa could look like, this is where you should start.

Johannesburg is filled with so much history. You must visit the Apartheid museum to gain a better understanding of the racial tension that plagued the country only a few decades ago. You also have the option to visit Soweto, one of the poorest townships in South Africa.

It is also said to be the foodie capital of South Africa. Braai, or grilled meat in Afrikaans, is the most popular style of cuisine for South Africa. When you head to Johannesburg, don’t skip out on all of the delicious food it has to offer.

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