With the beautiful weather and unique blends of culture, Cartagena is a jewel in the Caribbean.

It’s a magical city with amazing food and history.

Speaking of food, Cartagena has some of the best restaurants suitable for every budget. From the local market stalls to the restaurants with some of the best seafood, Cartagena is perfect for food-lovers.

And it’s not just the food that makes Cartagena an amazing place to visit but the beaches as well. Located on the coast, Cartagena is surrounded by a series of stunning beaches and islands. City beaches can be found in the Bocagrande and La Boquilla neighborhoods or you can take a day-trip to Playa Blanca, Isla Grande or the Rosario Islands.

If you’re traveling on a budget, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy Cartagena. The city has excellent street art and mural works that you can enjoy free of charge or travel to the Museum of Modern Art for a truly artistic experience.

Here’s how to travel to Cartagena for $181 round-trip.

From Fort Lauderdale

From Sep. 14 through Sept 25, Spirit Airlines has a round-trip flight for just $181. The best part? It’s a direct flight.

From Washington D.C. Area

Round-trip flights from Baltimore are priced at just $233 from Sept. 10 through Sept. 18, according to Skyscanner.

From Atlanta

Those of you leaving Atlanta can hop on a flight to Cartagena for just $237 mid-September.

Use Sept. 17 through Sept. 24 as your travel dates in Skyscanner.

From New York City

Flights to Cartagena from New York City are priced at just $247 round-trip in early September on Spirit Airlines. Just use Sept. 6 through Sept. 10 as your travel dates in according to Skyscanner.