A trip to Ghana in 2019 was life-changing for Dr. Delia Gillis – a year she says was an amazing time to be in the West African country.

“It was the Year of the Return. [Ghana’s] president invited Diasporans to come to Ghana and that’s what I did,” she told Travel Noire.

Dr. Gillis is a professor of history and, at the time of her trip, served as the director of the Center of Africana Studies at the University of Central Missouri. The warmth she felt during her trip and what she describes as “the goodness of Ghana” is something she wanted her students to experience.

Eye Adom
Photo Credit: Black-Owned Tulsa

“I came back in 2019 with intentions to bring it back to my university’s program, but then COVID-19 happened. I was supposed to go back to Ghana that following March, but of course, the borders were shut down. I received a Fulbright scholars opportunity for the teaching institute that was canceled.”

With all the cancellations and delays, she decided to launch the travel agency Eye Adom Travel and Tour with Kwasi Mboada, a staff member at the University of Ghana.

“I believe in Ghana and the opportunity the country offers us in the Diaspora,” Dr. Gillis added. “Ghana offers the opportunity to learn more about our history and there are economic opportunities to retire, work, or start a business there.”

Eye Adom is all about creating a unique experience for travelers all while supporting the local economy directly.

“For us, it’s all about experiencing the real Ghana. What people will find with Eye Adom is a real appreciation for authentic Ghanaian life. We are a community organization that gives people a ‘live like a local’ experience,” she said. “We also care about creating an economic chain that benefits the average Ghanaian.”

Eye Adom
Photo Credit: Dr. Delia Gillis

For Dr. Gillis and Mr. Mboada, they hope they can paint a different picture of Ghana and show it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world with an incredible amount of opportunities.

To learn more about tours coming up or inquire about a private tour, click here for the company’s website.