A Twitter user recently posted about a unique and interesting new system seen in the restroom of A Japanese McDonald’s.

According to Japan Today, Sho Sawada (@shao1555) Tweeted a video he took in the bathroom of one of the fast food restaurant’s locations. Approaching the sink to wash his hands he noticed a slot right beside it. He read the directions printed on it and realized its purpose was to sanitize customers’ phones.

“At McDonald’s nowadays, not only do they have a place to wash your hands but one to wash your smartphone as well,” Sawada’s caption reads.

Created by a Japanese company called WOTA, the WOSH system has been installed in various McDonald’s locations in Japan. The sustainable handwashing stand contains a reusable water sink that operates with a hydrological cycle system.

The phone disinfecting component works using deep ultraviolet lights that offer 99.9% sterilization of your device in just 30 seconds. So, while you’re washing your hands, you can also wash your phone.

The ingenious idea is an exciting and highly beneficial use of technology, especially considering how frequently we touch our phones and how many germs we expose them to each day.

Surprised and impressed by the new system, users replied to the Tweet with their thoughts:

“What the heck, I’ve never seen this before! Just looking at it makes me want to put my phone in it,” one user responded.

“Sterilizing smartphones…wow, it’s not like I actually clean mine at home so this is a good idea,” said another.

“Am I the only one who gets excited watching the smartphone going in and coming out?” another added.

Another user replied, “This makes me realize just how much I touch my phone.”

And I think we all can agree with these sentiments. If you should visit a McDonald’s in Japan, take a trip to the restroom and see if they have a WOSH to test out.

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