Need A Break From The Chill? Discover Carriacou And Petite Martinique
Photo Credit: Grenada Tourism Authority

Photo Credit: Grenada Tourism Authority

Need A Break From The Chill? Discover Carriacou And Petite Martinique

Stephanie Ogbogu
Stephanie Ogbogu Dec 17, 2019

In most parts of the country, it’s a bit chilly and many travelers are looking for somewhere warm to escape the frigid temps. With Caribbean destinations being a likely choice, some are looking for an adventure that will take them off the beaten path. If you need a break from the cold weather and the crowds, Carriacou and Petite Martinique are perfect options for you.

The islands of Carriacou and Petite Martinique are owned by Grenada which is known to provide dream escapes for travelers in search of the ultimate Caribbean vacation with a rum punch in hand. The destination’s lively entertainment, exciting excursions, and many opportunities to explore keep visitors ready for their next adventure. Those looking to expand their vacation should venture off the mainland to unwind and discover Grenada’s sister islands.

Petite Martinique is the smaller of the sister-islands with a population of 900. It’s a quaint, secluded hotspot for travelers looking to unplug or yachties in search of  “Robinson Crusoe” type locales. The quiet shores of Carriacou offer a laidback eco-friendly paradise famous for its boat building culture and rich African heritage. 

What To Do

Known as the “Isle of Reefs,” Carriacou has more than 30 dive sites teeming with marine life that are suitable for beginner to advanced divers and snorkelers. Dive operators such as Deefer Diving, Dive Carriacou, and Lumbadive all offer PADI certifications for newcomers and promote the conservation of the island’s reefs. Everything from turtles and sharks to colorful parrotfish and seahorses can be seen at one of the many untouched reefs. The mangrove fields encompassing oyster beds in the Marine Protected Area are also a sight to see. A snorkel trip to Sandy Island is memorable.

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A new land-based attraction is the hike to High North which gives stunning views of the Grenadine islands from the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea as well as a splendid nature conservation experience.

Being part of the Windward Islands, Carriacou is also ideal for sailing to nearby sister island, Petite Martinique. To explore Petite Martinique, visitors should hike to reach the top of the island’s piton for picturesque views. Healthy coral reefs can also be explored here during a day trip. In addition, the Sister Islands have amazing festivals such as Kayak Mas, Carriacou Maroon & Stringband festival, Regattas, to name a few.

Where To Stay

Villas and hotels are dotted around Carriacou catering to various traveler preferences. A self-contained apartment or villa equipped home-away amenities are ideal for live-like-a-local experiences. At only 586 acres in size, Petite Martinique is known for its simple pleasures, offering pristine natural surroundings and amazing views.

Petite Martinique | Photo: Grenada Tourism Authority

Many travelers visit Petite Martinique on a day-trip and return to Carriacou for overnight stays. For a complete list of available accommodations, visit Pure Grenada.  

Where To Eat

Restaurants on Carriacou provide a slow-paced atmosphere meant for sitting back and relaxing. Fast-food is not an option here and that is the beauty of it.

Many of the most notable restaurants are located within hotels such as Green Roof Inn’s La Playa Beach Bar and the Ocean Terrace Restaurant, as well as the Bogles Round House restaurant. Stand-alone restaurants, such as Slipaway Restaurant and Lazy Turtle, are fan favorites for fresh local cuisine and a great atmosphere. Palm Beach Restaurant and Bar in northern Petite Martinique makes fresh West Indian cuisine. The restaurant offers a water taxi service to diners who wish to dine on-site. While there aren’t many restaurants on the island, the gorgeous weather and spectacular views allow travelers to enjoy their meals right on the sand.

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Visitors already in Grenada can take a short trip by ferry or plane to Carriacou and ferry ride to Petite Martinique.

For travelers abroad, there are regularly scheduled flights from North America and Europe to Grenada. Traveling by sea from Grenada to Carriacou takes only 1.5 hours and an additional 25 minutes to Petite Martinique, which is only accessible by boat; the Osprey Ferry operates daily and provides round-trip transport between Grenada and Carriacou and Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The cost is $31/USD for adults, $19/USD for children between the ages of five and twelve, and $4/USD for children under five to sail from Grenada to Carriacou. To sail on to Petite Martinique, there is an additional charge of $8/USD for adults, $4/USD for children between five and twelve, and $2/USD for those under five. Travelers can also take a 20-minute flight from Grenada to Carriacou via SVG airlines, which operates daily flights from Maurice Bishop International Airport. Round trip airfare is around $115/USD.

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