On Sunday two Delta planes collided near gate at the Miami International Airport.

Reportedly, Delta flight 1654 was leaving Miami for Atlanta when it made a low-speed collision with Delta flight 2911 which was heading towards Boston.

The airport confirmed that nobody was injured during the collision, according to local reports. It is currently unclear what caused the collision. Following the contact, the flights were evaluated by maintenance crews.

Customers and crew were able to get off the plane “safely and normally,” they said. They placed customers on a new aircraft and sent them on their way. The airline said maintenance crews are currently accessing any damage to the planes. 

According to reports, both flights were delayed by around 5 hours. Delta also acknowledged and apologised for the delay.

Delta released a full statement explaining the unfortunate situation. “We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience and delay in their travel plans following minor, low-speed contact of Delta flight 2911 with Delta flight 1654. All customers and crew members deplaned safely and normally. Maintenance teams are evaluating the condition of the aircraft and customers have been re-accommodated on new aircraft onto their destinations.”

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