If you’re looking to save money on travel this summer, consider booking a cruise. Cruise prices have managed to stay low as airfare prices continue to rise. 

Consider a 5-day Caribbean cruise, which costs about $500 per person. 

The Bahamas
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Chris Gray Faust, the managing editor of The Cruise Critic tells ABC News, “Not only are the fares low, but a lot of the cruise lines are putting in a lot of extra value type of things — like, they’re throwing in free gratuities, free Wi-Fi, free drink packages, things like that.”

Cruise lines are working on filling their cabins with passengers and sailing more ships to lower costs.

“What that means for [people] looking for a good vacation this summer is that there’s plenty of room on these cruise ships because there’s more ships back, there’s more rooms available and the prices are lower,” says Faust.

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1. Take advantage of these great deals:

3-day Carnival cruise from Miami to the Bahamas starting at $129 per person

4-night Royal Caribbean cruise from Miami to the Bahamas, starting at $190 per person

7-day Holland America cruise to Alaska at $399 per person

2. Pandemic restrictions on cruises

In March of this year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention removed its risk assessment of cruise ship travel. The CDC recommends buying travel insurance and wearing a mask indoors. 


Before booking a cruise, travelers should inquire about vaccine and testing requirements. Travelers with COVID-19 symptoms should not travel. 

Faust says, “Summer is a good time for a value vacation like this, partially because of hurricane season. We should see these price last until October.”

Book your cruise now because the prices will raise this fall. 

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