Now that outside is opening back up (for now), cruise deals are coming out of the proverbial woodwork. And, perhaps, for good reason.

According to Trefis, the cruise industry was one of the most battered industries by the pandemic. Since all travel was ceased, the prices of cruises tumbled drastically. And, as can be expected, the stock prices for the various cruise lines also tumbled drastically — and continues to drop.

“While the cruising industry has taken multiple steps to adapt to the new realities of sailing during Covid-19, including reducing capacity, requiring vaccinations for staff, and Covid-19 tests for passengers, the recent developments are likely concerning investors,” reported the outlet.

Many of the investor concerns involve the so-called “Delta variant” of the coronavirus. This has led many travelers to wonder if now is a good time to book cruise deals, no matter how attractive the price is. Additionally, with changing COVID requirements and mask mandates — not to mention the ever-looming threat of another shutdown — savvy travelers are pausing before deciding to book their preferred cruise vacation.

Many cruises that leave from the West Coast, as well, will not be able to stop in Canada, as the Great White North has banned all cruises until 2022. However, as part of a Congressional act called the Alaska Tourism Restoration Act, many of the cruise deals that go to Alaska will be at a special rate as part of an effort to bring up tourism in the 50th state.

As of this writing, the CDC has relaxed some of its mask mandates on cruise ships for fully vaccinated customers. Unvaccinated customers, of course, will have to follow much stricter protocols, and it goes without saying that these rules are subject to change as the virus becomes more (or less) of a threat.

If you do decide to take advantage of one of the cruise deals below, do be careful, and make sure you’re fully aware of the cruise line’s refund policy.

1. Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean is already booking into the 2022 season. Cruises start at $217 per person and are valid for travel beginning in October 2021. The best deal we found for the United States was a two-night cruise to the Caribbean, which starts at $219 per person, and departures begin on October 29, 2021.

You can extend your stay into a three-night cruise for an additional $10.

2. Princess Cruise Lines

Like Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises is offering a great Caribbean sale. For $238 per person, guests can also enjoy a stateroom upgrade when leaving from the port of Miami.

But Princess Cruises is also offering trips to other destinations, including an Alaska cruise from $339, and Mediterranean cruises from $509.

3. Norwegian Cruise Lines

Norwegian is currently running its “Free At Sea” promotion, where travelers can enjoy free nearly everything (from open bars to Wi-Fi, and even some free airfare for a second guest).

Even if you don’t make it in time to book the Free At Sea promotion, Norwegian is offering 30% off all its cruises.

4. Carnival Cruise Lines

Bargain hunters will love Carnival Cruise Lines, which is currently having a bargain-basement sale of $169 per person for their Back to Fun saver sale.

They also have a deal available to Half Moon Cay — a “private island paradise” — for $189 per person.

5. Celebrity Cruise Lines

For those who prefer a luxurious experience at a fraction of the cost, Celebrity Cruise Lines offers an all-inclusive Athens trip beginning at $699 per person on its newest ship, the Celebrity Apex.