Do you want to skip the cold and enjoy a Christmas in the sun instead? Then this is for you. Keep your coat behind this season and travel to one of these warm destinations instead.

Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

If you didn’t think Europe was an option in December, think again.  Tenerife is one of few places in Europe boasting an average temperature between 65 and 77 degrees.

Planning a visit?

Christmas time in Tenerife is great for those of you looking to enjoy a chill and relaxing season. 

Plan to go whale and dolphin watching on the water or visit a Christmas market where you can find traditional Canarian treats, including locally-produced wines,  handmade gifts,  cheese, and more.

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

A Puerto Rican style Christmas will be unforgettable.

For starters, average temperatures range in the mid-70s in December – making it one of the best places for those of you wanting to enjoy Christmas in the sun.

It’s one of the most exciting and festive times to be on the island as people celebrate Christmas all month long.

From mid-December until Christmas Eve, churches hold mass at dawn where you can find the music genre aguinaldos.

Aguinaldo is a genre of Christmas music that’s found in many Latin American countries, similar to Christmas carols in the United States.   

In Puerto Rico,  Christmas Eve or Nochebuena is more important than Christmas Day as families serve a traditional Christmas dinner that includes rice and beans, pork, and tembleque: a custard made with coconut, cornstarch, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Sunshine Coast, Australia

The destination name says it all – Sunshine is everywhere.  

Prepare for the heat as average temperatures in December average the upper-80s. 

A favorite among locals is the Mooloolaba Christmas Boat Parade.  

The Mooloolaba Yacht Club Christmas Boat Parade is a Christmas lights display on water. You will enjoy the best of both worlds as surrounding houses are also decorated in the background.

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Nassau, Bahamas

The best part about the Bahamas during Christmas (besides the warm temperatures) is the fact that it’s one of the most important traditions in the Bahamian culture.

Christmas in the Bahamas is just as festive as any other time of the year where you can find Christmas concerts almost every weekend leading up to Christmas.

But the most important tradition is the day after Christmas for the annual Christmas Junkanoo Festival.

Blending art, culture, and music, locals join in on the fun by dancing in the streets with the Junkanoo groups during the parade.

Scenic view of the Nassau, Bahamas, the cruise port and Paradise Island

Buenos Aires, Argentina

With its location in the Southern Hemisphere,  Christmas in Argentina means it’s the beginning of summer. 

Even though it’s beginning to transition out of the rainy season,  expect to spend a lot of time outside.  Expect fireworks display on Christmas Eve, dancing in the streets, and good food.

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