Children Caught With Alcoholic Beverages At Disneyland
Photo Credit: Mario Tama

Photo Credit: Mario Tama

Children Caught With Alcoholic Beverages At Disneyland

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Ayah A.
Ayah A. Aug 9, 2022

Children and alcoholic beverages are two things we rarely hear spoken of in the same sentence. And we certainly hope not to see the two mixing. But, as originally posted by Inside the Magic, in a video that is now making its rounds on the internet, two young boys are seen carrying beers at Disneyland. 

The video, posted by @ruben_gloria to the “Oh No” sound clip along with the hashtag-filled comment “#Topflightsecurity#disneyland#kids#Beer,” shows the kids being approached by Disneyland Security.

Disney’s rules regarding alcohol are strict. Underage drinking is, of course, not allowed. However, under their policies, underage park-goers are also prohibited from handling alcoholic drinks in any capacity at Disney resorts and parks.

The rules are put in place for everyone’s safety and enforced by Disney’s staff of Cast Members and security personnel.

From the video, it seems that the boys were taking the drinks to an adult who may perhaps be their mother. After they give the drinks to the adult, the video ends. It is not known what the security guard then does.

Back in February, guests of Universal Orlando received a citation and park ban for giving alcoholic beverages to underage persons. Many people have expressed the desire to see Disney and its various parks become alcohol-free. However, so far, there has been no talk of such policies being considered.

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