Check out the mini bottles that you can just throw in the bag.

There is nothing worse than getting to the airport and realizing that you’ve packed an item that violates the rules of TSA. The lotion that cures your ashiness like no other? Is it more than 3.4 ounces? It belongs to that security agent now. The expensive perfume that matches your natural body chemistry? Trash.

When we travel, we do so with the intent of experiencing new sights, sounds and smells. But if you want to be comfortable, you might just want to take a few familiar items with you as well. After all, if you have your toiletries, you won’t have to run around looking for replacements. And with all of your beauty products in tow, you can ensure that your vacation pictures are the bomb. 

Mini Swing Top Glass Bottles

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Going on a girl’s trip? Are you in charge of planning your homegirl’s bachelorette party? Then these glass swing top bottles are the perfect little party favor. These adorable little bottles come with strings and labels for personalization or customization.

Mini Hot Sauce Bottles

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You know those people who collect a bottle of hot sauce from everywhere they’ve traveled? You could do the same. But instead of purchasing an overly priced bottle from the airport, just use the filter on these and smuggle that sauce from the excellent restaurant or the local favorite back in your suitcase.

Glass Bottle with Cork

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When I traveled to Egypt, I was adamant about collecting a little bit of water from The Nile River. Thankfully, I had some mini bottles from a perfume shop we’d visited earlier and I was able to collect some for myself and others. If you visit a special place and want to take just a small piece of nature back with you, these bottles are perfect for that.

Spice Jars With Label Spice Containers

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Visiting a spice market and want to take some of the local flavors back with you? Great. You can always do that. But perhaps you don’t cook all that much and don’t require a huge bag. These little jars are the perfect way to get what you need without taking more than you’ll use. Of course, you’ll still pay for your sample.

LINALL Perfume Atomizer Spray

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These perfume bottles are beautiful. You’ll impress some people if you hand these out as gifts. Are you meeting your partner’s parents for the first time? And want to bring a small offering that will easily travel? These perfume bottles would be a hit!

Glass Roll on Bottles

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If you have a signature scent, you’ll definitely want to invest in these travel perfume bottles. The roll on top makes application very easy. And the rose gold color is beautiful. That way you can feel like yourself even when you’re away from home.

The Amber Misting Glass Bottles

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Whether it’s rose water, witch hazel or leave-in conditioner, we don’t realize just how many liquid-y items are a part of our day to day routines. Grab these bottles to make sure you have everything you need even when you’re away.

1oz Glass Dropper Bottle

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Finding a good skin care routine takes time. There’s a lot of trial and error. But once you get it, you don’t want to be without your products—not even on vacation. These bottles are perfect for packaging serums and oils so you can be glowy and dewy even on vacation.


Veronica Wells-Puoane is a contributor for Travel Noire.

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