Having to wait at baggage claim after landing in your dream destination can be drab. What’s worse is standing there after a long flight in anticipation of getting out of the airport and exploring, only to find out your luggage has been lost. If you’ve been there, or are trying to avoid being in that situation, the easiest solution is to travel with a carry-on. 

But, what if you’re traveling to a ski resort or a winter cabin getaway? You’ll need to pack layers, jackets boots, and other items to keep you warm, which gets bulky. If you’re on team carry-on like we are, this could be a major struggle. However, like with most things, there are solutions. 

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Write out your plans 

If you’re traveling to a cold weather destination, check the weather on the days you’ll be there. Next, write out a list of all the activities and excursions you’ll be planning to do. With each activity, plan the clothing items you’ll need to stay warm. Layering your clothes instead of packing many bulky items is a great way to save space in your carry-on without compromising warmth. 

If you must pack a coat or puffer vest, get a compression bag, which packs it down to a fraction of its size. 

Get picky about what you pack 

Now that you have your list, it’s time to do some elimination. Nine times out of ten, you won’t use every item you pack. To avoid unnecessary baggage, you must be very intentional about what you pack. Organize your toiletries and items in travel cubs, which makes it easy to compartmentalize your pieces. If you’re packing hair tools like a flat iron or curling iron, invest in travel-sized versions, which take up less room. 

Wear your bulkiest items on the plane

You’ve probably heard this one before, but it is true. If you need to pack bulky coats or boots, wear your bulkiest items to the airport. It saves room in your carry-on, and your coat can double as a pillow while on your flight. 

Pack bulky items on the bottom 

When packing hard or bulky items, put them on the bottom of your carry-on. Then stuff the crevices of your luggage with smaller items like underwear. Stuff the inside of your shoes with socks to save more room. 

Here are some items that make our lives easier when packing carry-ons:

These packing cubes are a lifesaver. They come in multiple sizes, and they fit perfectly in most carry-ons. Not only does it make packing your luggage easier, but it will make you feel organized while living on the go.

This travel essential will save up to 80% of your carry-on space. There’s no vacuum needed for these. All you have to do is roll up the space-saving bags. The bags will stay compressed without needing other equipment. With 20 bags, you’ll have 8 pieces of the large roll size, 8 pieces of the medium roll size, and 4 pieces of the small roll size.

Of course, you must stay fly while abroad, but you shouldn’t sacrifice space in your carry-on. This travel-size flat iron packs the punch of a full-sized one and fits perfectly into any carry-on bag. What we love about this flat iron is that you can get sleek straight hair, curls, and waves.

Protect your shoes and your clothes with these water-resistant travel shoe bags. These are perfect for carry-on luggage — put the soles of your shoes together and pack them in the Botton of your suitcase.

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