Playing a significant role in the culinary industry, Black-owned restaurants are one of the many ways we can support Black-owned businesses. Charlotte, NC in particular, is one of the many booming communities where Black entrepreneurs are taking over much of the business scene. Beyond just offering delicious food, black-owned restaurants have become hubs for connection, storytelling, and cultural exchange, making them feel like home the moment you walk in. By serving as a platform for providing ancestral recipes while sharing them with a broader audience, Black-owned restaurants are a gateway to enriching the culinary experience with flavors, techniques, and stories that might otherwise remain untold.

For centuries, Black chefs and restaurateurs have infused innovation with creativity, all while incorporating tradition to create unique dining experiences. By supporting black-owned restaurants, we not only get to enjoy exceptional meals but also contribute to a more inclusive and equitable food industry that highlights Black pioneers.

Furthermore, these restaurants are a celebration of diversity and are vessels of cultural influence. No matter where they are in the world, Black-owned establishments provide platforms for chefs to showcase their skills, while giving them a safe space to play around with classic recipes and infuse them with a modern twist.

From speakeasy-style cocktail lounges to southern gourmet restaurants, you must try these Black-owned restaurants in Charlotte, NC whenever you’re in the area.

1501 South Mint

@1501southmint /Instagram

Offering American-style food, 1501 South Mint is a speakeasy-inspired lounge that specializes in the art of drink making. This one-of-a-kind Black-owned lounge is located in a convenient area surrounded by local Uptown attractions all while being one of the prime spots for live music and amazing “speakeasy-like” vibes.

Abugida Ethiopian Cafe & Restaurant


Immerse yourself in Ethiopian cuisine at the Abugida Cafe & Restaurant the next time you’re in Charlotte, NC. This authentic restaurant offers mouthwatering Ethiopian vegetables, meats, and palatable spices. Not to mention, the restaurant offers amazing vegetarian options for those tighter diets, making this restaurant a great option for everyone.

BW Sweets Bakery

Add a touch of sweetness to your palette with BW Sweets Bakery. Owned by Frankie White, this bakery was featured on Food Network’s “Girl Scout Cookie Championship,” and has secured its spot as one of the best bakeries in Charlotte, NC. From hot cinnamon rolls to ice cream, BW Sweets Bakery is a must-stop shop to cure those sugar cravings. They recently transitioned to an online ordering service (launching at the end of August) and pop-up location service. Check their website frequently for updates; this one is not to miss for those with a little bit of a sweet tooth.

Jinya Ramen Bar


This unconventional ramen bar is known for its slow-cooked broths and lively eclectic music. Jinya is located in Uptown and is the place to go for a cozy atmosphere. Not to mention, Jinya has over 56 + locations!

Romeo’s Vegan Burgers


Serving as yet another gateway for promoting healthy food options within the Black community, Romeo’s Vegan Burgers are the ones you never thought you needed to try. By serving 100% plant-based meat, this burger joint is changing the way we view healthy food.

These Black-owned restaurants in Charlotte, NC are just the tip of an exciting eating adventure. Try them and more by getting out there, supporting the community, and engaging in some great dining experiences with friends.