Black History Month is underway, and the gift of the so-called “Big Freedia hotel” is the first win for the month!

Beyoncé had fans in shambles when she announced the Renaissance tour, her first solo tour since 2016. On the same day, Big Freedia made a special announcement of her own on Twitter, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

“This dream of mine has been in the works for a long time,” she wrote. “I’ll be one of the first Black hotel owners in New Orleans! Will keep y’all posted on the official opening date. Can’t wait to see y’all at Hotel Freedia.”

Some Twitter users offered congratulations, while others asked when they could make a reservation.

“Can we bounce on the beds?” joked Noah Soulis. “So excited for you!”

“Eee, this is so exciting!” wrote a second user. “Congratulations! I can’t wait to visit!”

“This is huge!” somebody else wrote. “Your momma would be so proud! Much love!”

Where did the idea to open Hotel Freedia come from?

The diva told Rolling Stone the idea came to her during the pandemic when her movements were limited.

“Not being able to go out and work during the pandemic [and] cooking brought so much light and creativity,” she said. “It just really got me interested in doing a restaurant, and I always had a dream of opening a hotel, so it just kind of came together that way.”

According to Eater New Orleans, there will be nightclub and restaurant facilities on site.

“The hotel will have just five rooms, with a 60-seat restaurant and music venue located on the ground floor,” the publication explained. “There will be a pool and clubhouse on the second floor. The venue will be open to the public. But, the NFT-based memberships will grant access to the pool, hot tub and bar.”

For those who are members, there will be other perks like first-come, first-served access to shows, room discounts and exclusive food and beverage offers.

What else is on Big Freedia’s agenda?

In addition to preparing for the hotel’s launch, Freedia has plenty on the agenda musically. Her upcoming tour will take her across the U.S. She’s also lined up a few dates in Australia and New Zealand. She continues to ride high following her feature on Beyoncé’s Break My Soul last summer. In 2016, Freedia loaned her talents to another Beyoncé hit, Formation, the popular single from the Lemonade album.

A Louisiana native, Big Freedia is the Queen of Bounce, a sub-genre of hip-hop that gained traction in the 90s.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, “Bounce is like a spicy gumbo, combining raucous up-tempo rhythms, heavy bass and call-and-response chants inspired by Mardi Gras.” It has unmistakably sexual overtones, and encourages people to let loose on the dance floor, or wherever else, really. It’s a far cry from Freedia’s origins singing on the choir in a Baptist church.

Women make up most of the genre’s fan base, and Big Freedia is indebted to them.

She said, “the women are definitely the ones who empower this music. They help me push the boundaries when I’m up there. They protect me in many ways and I do the same for them.”

When can we expect to patronize Hotel Freedia?

If all goes according to plan, doors will open come Mardi Gras 2024.

Be sure to show love if you’re going to be in NOLA at that time.