Alaska, also known as the “last frontier,” is a stunning state in the United States. With its thriving wildlife and striking landscapes, it has become an immensely popular tourist destination. Travelers who want to experience the great outdoors would find it wise to visit Alaska. Its estimated 100,000 snowy glaciers, tall mountains, over three million lakes, large moose and over 6,600 miles of coastline are just a few things travelers can experience during their visit. But, of course, there are times when the uncut beauty of Alaska is at its most stunning. June is the best time to visit Alaska for some of the best views and the most vibrant natural environment. Check out some of the top reasons travelers should visit Alaska in June.

Average Temperature This Time of Year

  • 50-70 Degrees F


The weather in Alaska is quite lovely in June. However, the temperature varies depending on the area in which travelers stay. The coastal, inland and arctic temperatures can vary, but in June, the temperature generally stays between 40 and 70 degrees in Alaska. There is also a lot of daylight during June, allowing travelers plenty of time to enjoy outdoor activities. Additionally, in June, Alaska experiences less rainfall, making rain less likely to impact travelers’ plans while visiting.

The warmer weather of Alaska in June is a good reason for travelers to visit. 
pictured: melting glaciers and lush green forest of Alaska
Photo credit: Naveen Naidu
  • Travel Tip: When the weather is pleasant, Juneau is a top sightseeing destination in Alaska. However, it is the only U.S. state capital that is inaccessible by road, so travelers will need to arrange their own transportation (via a ferry or plane).


Hiking is a very popular tourist activity in Alaska. This is especially true in June when there are suitable temperatures and weather conditions for outdoor activities. Less rain (and fog) and plenty of sunlight are great indicators that hikers will enjoy the great outdoors of Alaska in June. One of the most popular places for hiking in Alaska is Rendezvous Peak. It is considered one of the less crowded places to hike and has excellent views from the summit. To get to Rendezvous Peak’s breathtaking views, travelers must hike up 1,500 feet.

Hiking is one of the most popular activities for travelers visiting Alaska in June.
pictured: a Black man and his dog exploring inland Alaska
Photo credit: NappyStock
  • Travel Tip: Although June’s weather conditions are better for hikers than other times, it is best that hikers bring gear for an array of conditions. Also, many people suggest that first-time Alaska hikers prepare with cardio and strength training before embarking on their adventure.

Wildlife Sightings

Alaska’s natural beauty is unmatched, creating the perfect environment for the local wildlife to flourish. Since temperatures are higher and the animals are out and about, many travelers anticipate enjoying wildlife sightings in Alaska during June. There are many animal sighting opportunities to get excited about, too. For example, seals, sea lions, otters, humpback whales, orcas and migratory birds are some of the wildlife that travelers are most likely to see in June.

The precious wildlife of Alaska is another significant reason travelers like visiting in June. 
three otters floating in Alaskan waters
Photo credit: Kedar Gadge
  • Travel Tip: Travelers can take wildlife sightseeing tours while visiting Alaska in June. This is recommended for visitors who want to learn from experienced guides, but self-guided tours are possible, too. One way to easily see Alaska’s wildlife (from afar) is by riding the Alaska Railroad.

Photography Opportunities

Due to the decreased chances of fog and rain in June, many photographers enjoy visiting the state of Alaska. With clear skies and manageable temperatures, photos are bound to come out much more beautifully than if travelers visited during many other times of the year. Pictures of the landscape and even selfie opportunities with a striking backdrop are why many image-makers visit Alaska. People visiting in June will want to make sure they bring their cameras and keep their eyes peeled for inspiring scenes.

Great photos are a big reason to visit Alaska during June. 
pictured: a small plant on top of a mountain in Alaska
Photo credit: Ty Fiero
  • Travel Tip: Many photography tours are available to tourists since sightseeing is a major appeal of Alaska. These tours are recommended since they efficiently provide tourists with some of the most exciting views of Alaska.

Denali National Park

Alaska has 54 million acres of national parkland, which equates to about two-thirds of the National Park System. There is plenty to see at Alaska’s national parks, but there is one in particular that is very popular. Denali National Park is one of the top national parks, and its six million acres of national parkland make it an excellent pick for travelers. It has Mount Mckinley, which is North America’s tallest mountain peak. It also has varied terrain, including glaciers, tundra and forest, and many visitors enjoy biking on the park’s trails. Spring is one of the most enjoyable times to visit Denali National Park, making June the best time to visit Alaska. In June, the crowds should also be minimal, which many travelers will appreciate. The (relatively) warm Alaskan sun will also be out in the spring, allowing visitors to observe the lush green hillsides.

This national park is one of the top places for eco tourism.
pictured: the Denali National Park in Alaska
Photo credit: Frank Thiemonge

Travel Tip: Denali National Park is a nature preserve, so travelers should consider that it’s relatively remote. Travelers coming directly from the airport or surrounding cities may need to commute for a significant amount of time, which should be factored into visiting plans.

Glacier Day Cruises

A scenic cruise may be the best opportunity for some travelers to sightsee. They can sit back and relax to view some of Alaska’s most dramatic scenery. Travelers may even be able to view glaciers and waterfalls up close. If cruisers are lucky, they may be able to see whales, otters or birds on their boat ride. Cruise options include a few hours to a full-day adventure. There are plenty of choices for visitors who want to stay in Alaska and simply take a cruise excursion. Some popular ports and sites for cruises are Sitka, Glacier Bay National Park, Juneau or Vancouver.

There are plenty of day cruises that travelers can take in June during their visit to Alaska. 
pictured: a boat on the water in Alaska
Photo credit: Marcus S

Travel Tip: Travelers who take a day cruise should bring layers to wear since the temperatures can vary on the water. Another wise buy would be a waterproof cell phone protector for taking pictures.

Dog sledding 

Dog sledding is one of Alaska’s most iconic cultural activities, often associated with winter. However, visitors might be surprised to learn that this exhilarating experience is available year-round, even during the warmer months. In fact, June is an ideal time to visit Alaska if you’re looking to engage in this quintessential activity, as dog sledding tours operate both on glaciers and through lush forest landscapes. As you speed through the stunning Alaskan scenery, the thrill of the ride is enhanced by the company of adorable, energetic dogs. These tours typically take place at professional racing dog camps, where visitors can also learn about the region’s rich history of dog sledding and racing. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply looking for an unforgettable adventure, dog sledding in Alaska offers a unique and memorable experience.

Travelers can still dog sled in Alaska during June, learn more about the excursion. 
pictured: sled dogs running in Alaska during summer
Photo credit: Hari Nandakumar 
  • Travel Tip: Travelers that go dog sledding in June should be sure to wear sturdy footwear, especially if they opt to take a helicopter ride to get to snowy areas during June. Also, it is customary for tourists to tip their dog sledding guide for their ample knowledge and experience. 

The Midnight Sun

Visiting Alaska in June offers a unique appeal largely due to the extended daylight hours. During this time, travelers can experience up to 18 hours of sunlight in a day, thanks to the phenomenon known as the Midnight Sun, where the sun barely sets. The peak of this extraordinary season coincides with the summer solstice, occurring on either June 20 or 21. These prolonged daylight hours create perfect conditions for sightseeing and exploring the vast Alaskan landscape. Additionally, visitors can immerse themselves in local culture by attending the Midnight Sun Festival, typically held in late June from noon until midnight.

This is why travelers should check out the midnight sun in June. 
pictured: the sun in Alaska
Photo credit: Pietro Donà

Travel Tip: Fairbanks, often referred to as the Land of the Midnight Sun, attracts many travelers in June who wish to witness this spectacular phenomenon. However, visitors concerned about the Midnight Sun disrupting their sleep patterns, along with the effects of jet lag, should consider bringing a sleep mask or opting for accommodations equipped with blackout curtains.

In June, Alaska comes alive with vibrant wildlife, rich cultural offerings and countless exciting activities. This makes the month an ideal time to visit. Travelers should be sure to take advantage of some of the best attractions and experiences Alaska has to offer during this season.